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Released on: February 7, 2008, 1:37 am

Press Release Author: Andrew Long

Industry: Advertising

Press Release Summary: Myadbase has now expanded its offerings and functionality for
sellers of online advertising who are based in the UK and Ireland.

Press Release Body: Cambridge UK ( ExpressPressRelease ) Any website owner or
publisher which sells advertising space on their website can display its products on
Myadbase for free, as well as using other relevant tools and resources within their
own private management suite.

The website at currently
attracts a high quality global audience of advertising related professionals and its
media profile pages are now the most visited area of this marketplace and community.

Myadbase already has around 500 publishers on the site, who have registered and
added media profile pages for potential buyers of advertising to view. The total
number of online media sellers on myadbase is now approaching 100 and is proving to
be one of the fastest growing areas across the website. We asked Andrew Long,
marketing Director of Admedia Solutions why the service is so popular with sellers
and buyers of online advertising space.

\"We have built an online marketplace and community where the emphasis is placed on
attracting quality visitors. Our optimisation efforts across our 2500 pages has
already attracted the right kind of people to Myadbase - those who buy advertising
space from small to medium sized publishers across all media formats.

It seems that one of the fastest growing areas for buyers and sellers is via the
online advertising profile pages which are added by publishing companies based in
the UK and Ireland.

\"Even though we cater for all advertising
including magazines, newspapers, radio, TV and Outdoor advertising, it
appears that online media companies are now catching on more quickly than most. It
is amazing just how many websites we have on the site that are targeting different
audiences - this varied list is exactly what buyers want to see and our media
sellers seem to be very pleased with the results so far,\" explains Andrew.

Visitors to Myadbase can also access a new forum, industry news and other relevant
services on the site.

It seems that Myadbase is as much about building a community as it is about creating
an advertising marketplace for buyers and sellers of media.

With the pace of online advertising gathering momentum in the eyes of media buyers,
Myadbase offers a full searchable and highly valued advertising service for both
sellers and buyers around the world. Take a look at href=> today.

Contact MyAdbase

Admedia Solutions Ltd
PO Box 44


Web Site:

Contact Details: Admedia Solutions Ltd
PO Box 44

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