National Mortgage and Trust Deed Buyer Offers Free How-To Manual for Note Holders

Released on: February 19, 2008, 11:12 am

Press Release Author: FastNoteOffers

Industry: Real Estate

Press Release Summary: For people that hold an owner financed mortgage or deed of
trust, one note buyer is offering a crucial how-to guide on managing this

Press Release Body: In today\'s slumping real estate market, more home sellers are
finding financial relief by selling their homes with owner financing. While it may
be a financially savvy method for selling your house quickly to an ever shrinking
pool of buyers, it\'s not without risk and there is very little information available
on how to manage the investment.

\"Everything you own comes with a manual - toasters, DVD players; your cell phone,\"
said Pat Friedl of FastNoteOffers. \"But when people sell with owner financing,
there\'s no field guide available. We\'re looking to fix that.\"

Many people may want to offer owner financing, but don\'t know how to address the
common issues that come with holding a note: What does the amortization schedule
look like for the note? What are your rights if you have to foreclose? How to do you
ensure that the taxes and insurance are paid?

With the release of their Note Owner\'s Manual, FastNoteOffers answers these
questions and many more. \"The Note Owner\'s Manual provides you with the practical
financial assistance you need to manage your investment. It covers all the key
subjects in relation to buying, managing, and selling Privately Held Mortgages,
Mortgage Notes, Trust Deeds as well as Land Contracts,\" Pat Friedl said.

Note holders can get the Note Holder\'s Manual for free by visiting the company
website at, or by calling 866-OK-B-QUIK (652-7845).

\"We\'re offering the Note Holder\'s Manual for free Because we are confident that an
educated Note Owner is potentially our best customer,\" Pat Friedl said. \"We believe
that you should feel confident and well informed when making any and all decisions
relating to the management of your finances in general and your note specifically.\"

About FastNoteOffers:
FastNoteOffers provides cash flow solutions to customers looking for alternatives to
bank lending by purchasing privately held notes, such as mortgages, deeds of trust,
land contracts and other annuities. The company is based in Olathe, KS.

Web Site:

Contact Details: Pat Friedl
13505 S. Mur-len Ste 105-335
Olathe, KS 66062

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