New presentation package uses the power of visual metaphors to get customers to listen and remember

Released on: February 4, 2008, 5:13 am

Press Release Author: World Class Solutions

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: World Class Solutions have just launched a new presentation
software package to help business users make their point quickly and effectively.
Its called Executive Earth and its available from their web site at

Press Release Body: The latest presentation package from World Class Solutions makes
extensive use of visual metaphors to capture the audiences attention and retain
their interest. Anyone can use the package to develop a presentation in minutes just
by typing text into a form. When they give their presentation the words are embedded
in the animated graphics. The results looks stunning - but more importantly - the
underlying visual message complements the presenters words.

Visual metaphors are a very effective way of getting people to listen, remember -
and take action. Thats because the audience receives several streams of information
through different sensory channels at the same time. When those channels are merged
the streams are linked in memory. Its like a visual mnemonic it makes things much
harder to forget.

Of course its important that the key elements of the message are linked to the
appropriate sections of the animation. Thats why, for a limited period, World Class
Solutions are offering everyone who buys the package a free consultation (by email)
on their first presentation.

We hope this will encourage business people to be more adventurous and more focused
with their presentations, said CEO Pat Hough, more people are using graphics and
animation in their presentations but we believe its important that the graphics
work hard to sell the message.

The low-cost package is available from the firms web site at

Executive Earth is a stand-alone presentation package for Windows XP or Vista. It
does not require Microsoft PowerPoint or other presentation software. The package is
based on a near space theme and costs 50 + VAT (about US$75). More information is
available at

Web Site:

Contact Details: World Class Solutions
Robin Hill House
Co. Cork
Tel. 353-21-4373283

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