Number plate goes for a UK record GBP 375,000!

Released on: February 10, 2008, 7:29 am

Press Release Author: David Allen - CARREG

Industry: Automotive

Press Release Summary: offers a daily bargain number plate, for
investments or if required private use.

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Number plate goes for a UK record 375,000!

Staffordshire, UK. 4th February 2008. With number plates that fetch prices as high
as 375,000, it's no wonder that people are thinking of these as a potential new
investment for the future. The previous record was for a number plate with the
number M1, this went for 331,000. But it was the famous F1 number plate which was
bought by automotive designer and businessman Afzal Kahn, of Kahn Design Ltd for

But a number plate enthusiast need not go to such extremes to get onto the exclusive
private number plate ladder. The UK's number one personalised number plate dealer
has got a real special offer going on right at this moment where someone can pick a
good bargain at a knock down price.

For instance will be offering a new deal on a special number plate
every day the deal at the moment is for the number plate:


The original price for this number plate was just 2,500, but under the new deal of
the day this has been reduced by 600 to just 1,900. It is clear that with a
discount like this there is a good opportunity to get onto the investment level for
not a lot of money. says "Invest - You Can Keep the number plate's on-sale & make money.
Every working day we will be adding a new investment number"

It is clear that it is not necessary to be a millionaire to buy a personalised
number plate, as there are some reduced number plates available on the

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bodies: MIRAD - Member Of The Institute Of Registration Agents & Dealers :: The
C.N.D.A - Cherished Number Dealers Association :: R.M.I.F - Retail Motor Industry
Federation :: The R.N.C - The Registration numbers Club :: The F.S.B - The
Federation of Small Business. BEWARE: Some Private Number Plate dealers are not
members of any Governing body & offer NO security. are members of ALL
Governing bodies possible, we are as 100% safe & secure.

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Private Number Plates.
P.O. Box 444,
WV10 7XA, UK.
Tel: 08700 111 911.
Fax: 08700 115 911.

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