Online UK tradesmen and builder recommendation service wwwhomepromatchcom recruiting new tradesmen nationwide

Released on: February 12, 2008, 6:54 am

Press Release Author: HomeProMatch!

Industry: Internet & Online

Press Release Summary: A new recruitment drive by online tradesmen and builder
recommendation service, has created many opportunities for
tradesmen to join the company.

Press Release Body: Norman Botta, Account manager explains "
recent expansion from London to nationwide has opened up opportunities for reputable
tradesmen and builders from all parts of the UK to join a fast growing organisation.

Tradesmen and builders are pre vetted before being allowed to become HomeProMatch
members. Once approved they can receive home improvement and maintenance job details
from serious local homeowners.

Norman adds " works for builders and tradesmen because it is run
by experienced trade professionals. The service closely match tradesmen skills to
local homeowners and member tradesmen get to choose the jobs they want, when and
where they want them.

We aim to always confirm job leads with the customer and provide the clearest job
details so member tradesmen and builders know exactly what the job involves, where
it is located, when it can be done and the budget.

Our role here is to support our member tradesmen and builders. Partnership support
helps to grow their business and ours too. With our trade backgrounds here at we understand their needs as busy tradesmen and professionals.

We already have a database of hundreds of reputable, qualified and insured
builders, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, decorators for all home improvement
and maintenance jobs and the numbers are growing daily

Currently we receive about 250 service requests per day and we predict a 50%
increase in those figures over the coming year as the business expands nationwide.
We regard this as a vindication of our business vision and customer focus and we
will continue to maintain the quality of our service to homeowners and member
tradesmen alike."

Interested tradesmen should log onto the site and go to 'contractor join' or click
the URL

Web Site:

Contact Details: London,UK

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