Released on: February 7, 2008, 8:01 am

Press Release Author: Tisha Kulak

Industry: Entertainment

Press Release Summary: Bingo Records, a leader in children\'s music, has signed a
distribution deal with RED, a division of Sony BMG Music Entertainment. On February
19, 2008, \"Beatles Hits For Kids\" and \"Motown Hits For Kids\", two titles produced by
Bingo Records, will be re-released through RED, the industry leader in independent
music distribution.

Press Release Body: Bingo Records, a leading producer of award winning children's
music, is excited to announce they will now be distributing CD titles to music
retailers through RED, a division of Sony BMG Music Entertainment. Bingo's first two
releases, Beatles Hits For Kids and Motown Hits For Kids, are scheduled for
availability through RED on February 19, 2008. RED is widely recognized as the
industry leader in independent music distribution. The distribution arrangement is
being managed by MRI Associated Labels based in New York. MRI represents a select
group of acclaimed small labels across various musical genres, including children's

Bingo Records CDs have received multiple awards and endorsements from educators and
parenting organizations including The Parent's Choice Foundation, iParenting Media
and The Children's Music Web. Current titles include: The Bingo Kids Sing Beatles
Hits For Kids (Original and Volume Two), The Bingo Kids Sing Motown Hits For Kids,
Smart Beats - Educational Hip Hop Songs For Kids, and Yoga Child - A Peaceful Place

"This new relationship with MRI and RED means that we'll now have an opportunity to
reach more families through larger chain stores and traditional music outlets," says
Ric Cohen, co-owner of Bingo Records. "We view this as a natural extension of our
growth. We will, of course, continue working with our valued independent retailer
customers, and we believe they too will benefit from our enhanced brand identity.
We're very excited since this new channel of distribution will allow us to reach a
new group of consumers."

MRI President Missi Callazzo notes, "Bingo Records is a welcome addition to our
roster. They produce great sounding and fun recordings for kids that really stand
out in today's crowded marketplace."

Entertainment attorneys Ric Cohen and Michael Silver started Bingo Records when as
parents of young kids they were appalled by the glut of poorly produced children's
music that the big name companies were cranking out without a conscience.

"Don't get me wrong on this," says Cohen. "There are many talented and creative
children's music artists. There is a vibrant recording and touring scene among the
independent musicians. But we could not believe some of the homogeneous crap being
pushed on a larger scale - the same old silly songs being done over and over, and
lame versions with bland kids singing Britney Spears and other fashionable songs
with lyrics that are just totally inappropriate for young kids."

Silver adds, "Bingo is based upon the premise that parents and children should enjoy
the experience of listening to music together, and that listening to kid's music
does not have to drive adults crazy, nor should it be insulting to the kids

Cohen continues, "We were listening to Beatles and Motown records during a family
and friends dinner. The grown-ups were all loving it, and the kids were sort of
paying attention to it, but they were just not as drawn into it as they were to
music that featured other kids singing. So we thought what if we could create
authentic sounding versions of the greatest songs ever and then add that magical
ingredient of children's voices, but with truly talented kids. This would be a
fantastically fun way to introduce young kids to this wonderful music in a manner
where the kids would feel a natural attachment. And so the idea for our first
product line was born, with the motto: DON'T FEED KIDS JUNK MUSIC, RAISE THEM ON THE

For more information, testimonials or to hear samples, log on to

CDs can be purchased on line at and from leading on line
retailers like and

Bingo Records music is also available for digital download at iTunes, Amazon and
many other digital download sites.

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Contact Details: Bingo Records, LLC
227 Pine Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106
215. 413.3686

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