PSquared Solutions Teams up with Reverse Funnel System and the Maximum Freedom Team

Released on: February 18, 2008, 2:26 am

Press Release Author: Patrick Callahan

Industry: Aerospace

Press Release Summary: P. Squared Solutions teams up with Ty Coughlin\'s Reverse
Funnel System and the Maximum Freedom Team to model their home-based business. RFS\'s
proven automated system and the bonus support from the Maximum Freedom Team is
driving the business to new heights.

Press Release Body:
Albuquerque,New Mexico,February,18,2008 -- Patrick Callahan, President and CEO of P.
Squared Solutions, has reviewed the features that the Reverse Funnel System along
with the Patrick Callahan, President and CEO of P. Squared Solutions, has reviewed
the features that the Reverse Funnel System along with the Maximum Freedom Team has
to offer. Resent research has show that the Reverse Funnel System has taken the
home-based business network by
storm. Interviews have shown people of all levels are plugging into this new system
and raising their personal income working part-time or full-time.

This system is proving itself as a reliable system for qualified team members who
range from rookies to seasoned professionals in the home-based business market.
Those people who have been looking to start their own home-based business can
immediately plug into this system and raise their level of income while working from
the comfort of home.

It is a solid proven system and we have witnessed sales almost immediately after
setting up advertising. Since coming on line last year, this system has proven to be
easily duplicated by those coming on board.

Callahan said, \"The Reverse Funnel System combines Network Marketing with the power
of Internet Marketing. People who are looking to start an online business where they
do not have to cold call people, hound their family and friends, or stock a bunch of
pills and lotions are swiftly moving to this opportunity were they can build the
financial freedom they have only dreamed of. The beauty of this automated system is
how it weeds out those people who are not highly motivated in building a successful
business. This proven system turns leads into qualified
prospects without any interaction.\"

The \"Reverse Funnel System\" is what is known as a \"funded proposal\" system. It is
one of the most effective ways to sort and select prospects for your home based
business opportunities. Reverse Funnel System brings the opportunity for an
individual to change their personal and financial lives through the combination of
travel with a powerful marketing system that any individual can use to build the
ultimate home based business solution. Users of the Reverse Funnel System have
access to live training calls hosted by the Inner Circle Mentors; a team of seasoned
individuals who have proven themselves using the systems along with a toolbox of
useful information to get a business up and running.

The \"Maximum Freedom Team\" is a major bonus. We have seen similar packages that
range in price from $50 to as high as $799. What this group has done is offer the
experience of a team of proven leaders to its new members at no cost. The website
has been created in the \"Pay It Forward\" attitude. The free team website is
available to all new members who join up with an existing Maximum Freedom team
member. It adds additional support, training, and tips to help new teammates build
and grow their business.

Callahan notes, \"Not everyone who joins our team necessarily needs the information
we provide in Maximum Freedom. Many people who join us are able to be productive
starting day one. Many of these people have had some kind of home based business
experience in the past but are looking for something better and have found it in the
Reverse Funnel System. What we have done with the Maximum Freedom Team is take the
advice from the experts and build a site that supports those new to the team. This
helps new members who are building their business avoid making many of those
\"rookie\" mistakes. This saves them time and allows them to build their business with

Callahan added, \"Now aspiring and success driven entrepreneurs who are looking to
start their own home based business can do so with the Reverse Funnel System and the
Maximum Freedom Team.\"

Company Description:
P. Squared Solutions (PX2) is a home based business specializing in business
opportunities in discount travel offering travel memberships with a 20+ year proven
company. PX2\'s emphasis on supporting their team\'s development through the Maximum
Freedom Team website has become a model for others to follow.PressRelease
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Patrick Callahan
P. Squared Solutions
P.O. Box 6573
Albuquerque, NM

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