Palador Acquires Oscar Winner Martin Scorsese`s `Rolling Stones` film `Shine A Light`

Released on: February 8, 2008, 7:35 am

Press Release Author: Palador Pictures


Press Release Summary: Feast for Music and Movie loves in the country as the
film is hailed as the 'Ultimate Concert Film'

Press Release Body: Feb 7, 2008 - Mumbai, India: Palador Pictures Pvt. Ltd., the
undisputed leader in the World Cinema category in India with close to a 1000 World
Cinema titles, have scored another ace for the country, acquiring the highly coveted
Rolling Stones documentary film 'Shine A Light' directed by Oscar winner Martin
Scorsese. 'Shine a Light' opened the prestigious 'Berlin International Film
Festival' on 7th February and was received with rousing applause. The film slated to
release in April in the US, will also see an Indian theatrical release.

Martin Scorsese who has earlier explored the lives of other bands in his previous
films 'The Last Waltz' and 'No Direction Home: Bob Dylan' turned his lens on rock
and roll legends 'The Rolling Stones' for this documentary. The focus of the film is
on two concerts of the band in 2006. Besides extensive coverage of this concert, the
documentary also features historical footage, interviews and behind-the-scenes
footages from the 4 decades of the bands existence, including footage from Bill
Clinton's birthday party in which the band played.

The film has won the prestigious honour at the Berlin International Film Festival by
being its opening film. It is no surprise for the film has been labelled the
'Ultimate Concert Film' already and millions of fans of one of the oldest surviving
and active bands in the world, eagerly await its release.

Gautam Shiknis, MD and Founder of Palador Pictures said, "We are constantly striving
to add new and great quality content to out repertoire of a 1000 films. 'Shine a
Light' combines two masters in two respective genres, The Rolling Stones in music
and Martin Scorsese in movies. We want to expose lovers of both music and cinema in
this country to this lethal combination."

Co-founder and Joint MD, Mohan Polamar, said, 'Musical documentary has not garnered
mass appeal or the detailed attention of the entertainment industry. However, there
is a huge audience for the same. We are sure music lovers will lap up this
opportunity and go to see the movie in hordes. We also want to show the strength of
this genre in this country by doing some interesting events to promote the film."

The film will be theatrically released in India with 50 prints across the country.
Palador also has plans to do a never before combination of screening the film,
combined with live gigs performed by local bands across the country in exclusive

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About Palador: Palador began 3 years back as a movement to kick-start the tradition
of great cinema in the Indian subcontinent. Today Palador has the largest collection
of Foreign Language Cinema under one roof in Asia. Palador owns the most award
winning films from the greatest directors the world has ever seen - from masters of
yesteryears to today's: Kurosawa, Kieslowski, Godard, Trauffaut, Kiarostami, Lynch
etc. - to cinema in all genre: action, comedy, drama, documentary, short films etc.
- to cinema from all movements: Italian Neo-Realism, French Impressionism, New-Wave
Iranian etc. But Palador is not just about the content. It's about programming them,
to suit different needs of: TV Channels, Film Festivals, Corporates, Colleges,
Clubs, Theatres etc. and of different media: DVD, TV, Internet, Theatre, Mobile etc.
Besides this, Palador was the first to focus on the short works of aspiring film
makers, helping to popularize the concept and adoption of short film in the Indian
media landscape. Palador is also the only in the world to program short films of
aspiring film makers in the DVD movies of great directors. In short it is helping
build a platform for freedom of expression for creators of good and great content in
this nation. People call Palador the place of the programming experts, we simply
call ourselves - Paladorians.

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