Passport to Wealth Offers Great Home Business Opportunities - New Website Will Provide Tools for Home Business Hopefuls

Released on: February 25, 2008, 7:40 pm

Press Release Author: Sheryl Strasser

Industry: Internet & Online

Press Release Summary: With Passport to Wealth available as a great new home
business opportunity, many new home business hopefuls are looking for tools for
success. A new website is providing helpful tools, mentoring help and useful
information on how to get started in home business at

Press Release Body: Schofield, WI -- In today's world when more and more people are
beginning to leave the traditional workplace to work at home, home based businesses,
such as those offered by Passport to Wealth, are exploding. However, while home
based businesses have a lot of appeal, they can be difficult to start if one does
not have the right tools and support. In order to offer that support needed to make
new home business hopefuls successful, a new website is being launched that provides
excellent tools to help those getting started,

While Passport to Wealth is offering those members of their business a great
opportunity to create wealth, mentoring is important, as is having the right tools
to ensure success. There are new entrepreneurs that are popping up everywhere today;
however, not all of them are becoming successful. It is definitely easy to see the
benefits of home based businesses, but without the tools and mentoring that is
needed, they can quickly become a failure too.

Although online home businesses were barely heard of a few years ago, today they are
exploding as people try to get their own share of the wealth that is available
online. However, in order to be successful, having someone experienced in the
business to provide mentoring is very important. Having the right tools and the
right mentors available can have a huge impact on the overall success of new home
based entrepreneurs.

One great site, is providing great information for
those who are interested in home business. They also provide services as a mentor
and help guide new home business owners to helpful tools, such as those at My
Internet Business. So, the professional mentors that are available at this site, can provide helpful information, mentoring, and even tools
that can help people become successful with their own home based businesses.

If you are interested in more information about home based businesses, Passport to
Wealth, or the new website,, you can call 1-866-277-3460 or

Web Site:

Contact Details: Contact: Sheryl Strasser
Address: 1324 Schofield Ave. Schofield, WI 54476
Phone: 1-866-277-3460

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