Pbxeq com Announces its International Free Shipping on all ICS Orders

Released on: February 12, 2008, 7:22 pm

Press Release Author: Pbxeq

Industry: Telecommunications

Press Release Summary: Pbxeq.com announces today its domestic and international free
shipping on all orders of ICS products.

Press Release Body: February 13, 2008 - Canton, Mi. - Pbxeq.com, a one-stop shop for
all VoIP hardware needs, announces free shipping on all ICS products starting this
February. ICS free shipping is expected to continue throughout the year of 2008.
Aside from their VoIP hardware business, ICS also expanded their horizon by tapping
into the web solutions provider industry.

As a response to the public's continuous interest in Pbxeq.com, the company has
offered free shipment on all ICS orders for the entire year. This way, many would
enjoy the benefits of telephony including small home offices as well as large scale
enterprises. ICS' wide range of VoIP gateways easily matches different business
. Novo-Gate VoIP Gateway
. Easy-Gate VoIP Gateway
. Top-Gate VoIP Gateway
. Trunk Gateway
. Analog GSM Gateway

ICS has also been active in providing web solutions for all types of businesses.
Some of the services that they provide are Callback VoIP Solution, Video
Conferencing, and Customizable Softphones.

Pbxeq.com and ICS have been working together for years and have always been aiming
to make the latest technology available to everyone around the globe.

About Pbxeq

Pbxeq.com gives you the widest selection of VoIP equipment at the lowest prices.
With its easy-to-use and secure control panel, you are in control of your shopping.
Orders get instantly added to your cart and automatically calculated.

Web Site: http://www.pbxeq.com

Contact Details: http://www.pbxeq.com
Mike Lewell

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