Photos on dating web sites another important traffic magnet

Released on: February 15, 2008, 5:49 am

Press Release Author: Julia

Industry: Management

Press Release Summary: Online dating business is one of the most profitable fields
in internet commerce. Especially, if we are talking about web sites for
English-speaking visitors. It's true - tak take, for example, dating sites for
Russian audience.

Press Release Body: Ineffective usage of photos on your dating web site can be very
dangerous. If you don't succeed in squeezing 100% of traffic-juice from your image
files - it could possibly ruin the whole project or give your dating project quite a
rough start.

Online dating business is one of the most profitable fields in internet commerce.
Especially, if we are talking about web sites for English-speaking visitors. It's
true - take, for example, dating sites for Russian audience and you'll see that
traffic costs more than 10 times higher than Russian dating traffic. Similar
situation is also with other non-English dating traffic.

What does it mean in $$$? Well, let's say that you have one English dating web site,
while your fellow friend from Russia has his Russian dating web site. So, with equal
visitor traffic your Russian buddy gets 100$ per month, while you make 10x times
more: 1000$. Multiply it by 12, and you get 12 grands a month; that's 'a bit' more
than 1200, isn't it? The difference is 10800$, as you see.

So when you consider building your web site in local language or for English dating
international customers (i.e. in English) - think twice. International English
dating web sites have much more visitors, better traffic and a lot of promo sites
and tools for promotion. Your work is a bit easier, while you also make more money.
Here is a free tip for you.

One of the most underrated ways to promote dating web sites is the proper usage of

Every girl on the web site usually has at lease several photos. The more is the
better of course.
. Never limit the number of photos for each girl;
. Show each photo on a separate page;
. Do not put several full-size photos on a page;
. Do not put simple text links to image files;
. Do not make pop-ups with one stand-alone picture

The rule is simple: one photo per one page (once again - not on a pop-up!).
Moreover, put girl's profile data on this page too, put links on other pages and
don't forget to place your 'contact me' or 'send me a message' button or link.
Because it works better this way.

Not following the simple rule of "one photo - one separate page" is an expensive
mistake. Even experienced web designers, which enter online dating business from
other fields, can make it. Because it is quite unobvious. Sometimes the number of
allowed photos is limited by software (an unwise excuse for your wasted traffic);
while in other cases additional photos are showed via JavaScript pop-ups (which are
successfully blocked by pop-up blockers & antivirus software).

Photos must be used as a strategic means of stimulating orders and increasing
traffic on your web site. Your visitor can make his 'contact decision' any minute,
on any photo he sees. That's why there should be as many photos as possible (well,
of course if they are appealing). 'Contact link' (i.e. link for ordering girl's
contact information) must always be within easy reach, as well as other links for
additional pages with photos. The more pages you have - the more potential your web
sites have for promotion, the more visitors wish to spend time on it and pay for
your services. Simple as 1-2-3: more pages = more traffic = more profit.

That's why all major dating
use photos with maximum benefit. It doubles or even triples their

You can check it by yourself - look at those projects. Most of them besides of
direct sales stimulation via images also use their pages for displaying ads. The
more pages you have - the more ads are showed. This can be wisely used for getting
additional profit or traffic via banner exchange networks.

Btw, one peculiar feature of these banner networks is that they usually count
percentage of ads impressions, but not visitors. Some webmasters are smart to use it
for their own profit. They create effective banners and play around with its place
on site pages; as a result, they not just reduce % of exchange clicks to zero, but
also get more visitors than give. Which is pretty profitable, especially bearing in
mind that leaving visitors are leaving in any case (with banners on pages, or
without them), while you can't get incoming banner visitors without banners. It's
always great to get free traffic. And you remember, right? More traffic = more

Choosing effective banners has never been easier. In case, if your banners are on banner exchange network, you just need to check your stats and see
the performance of each of your banners. Then, based on these best performing
banners, you make new ones. This is the way how banner exchange pros are optimizing
their ad campaigns - and get impressive results. Along with optimizing images, using
mailing lists and other special skills it drives great traffic and considerably
increase profit.

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online dating business

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