Pioneer Satellite Radio Users Receive Help from Whole House FM Transmitter

Released on: February 18, 2008, 1:57 pm

Press Release Author: TAW Global, LLC

Industry: Electronics

Press Release Summary: Ever since the FCC cracked down on XM about having internal
FM Transmitters that were too powerful customers have been looking...

Press Release Body: Many XM customers have been frustrated ever since the spring of
2006 when the FCC required XM to take several of their satellite receiver models off
the shelf and replace them with units that have a much weaker internal FM

This has lead many customers in search of another solution and many have turned to
Whole House FM Transmitter ( for help. Whole
House FM Transmitter is dedicated to informing and helping XM customers as well as
many others enjoy the full benefits of Part 15 Low Power FM Transmitters offered to
them by the FCC. As stated in the FCC's own Public Notice dated July 24, 1991 the
FCC allows for an approximate broadcast distance of an audio source without a
license to be around 200 feet (the actual rules are more complicated). This is
plenty for most people, including XM customers, to cover their home, back yard and
without a doubt their automobile too, thus giving them back their freedom that was
lost in the spring of 2006.

To read more about the official FCC rules and what is available to XM customers go

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specialty products aimed at meeting the unique needs and demands of consumers around
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