Pre-foreclosure Investors Stand up to Fight the Foreclosure Wars Raging in Michigan and Across the Nation

Released on: February 29, 2008, 9:14 pm

Press Release Author: Mark Maupin

Industry: Real Estate

Press Release Summary: The neighborhoods hit the hardest by foreclosures were not
always a haven for criminals and despair, but hundreds of foreclosures will upset
the stability a community. Some neighborhoods around the country have up to 800
houses going through the foreclosure process. Essentially entire streets are being
abandoned. And of course crime increases as vacant property offers shelter to
questionable elements.

Press Release Body: Standing alone, in many cases, is the help offered by the
pre-foreclosure investor. Offering tough-minded negotiation of terms to the lenders
has been the role of the investor. Armed with the latest mortgage regulation
information and neighborhood comparables, they will work with the distressed

U.S. foreclosure filings for August more than doubled from a year ago, data released
this week showed, confirming a trend already well understood in many regions
throughout the country. No state wants to wear the mantle "highest foreclosure
Complicating the problem is a national housing glut, which makes it harder for
struggling owners to sell and pay off their debt. Also, investors who play a big
part in supporting the mortgage industry are starting to shy away because of the
problems, which will mean less available money to loan.
Without question, this economy faces risks of recession; shaky economic signs
abound. One indicator of the housing market, permits issued for new homes, has slid
to the lowest level in 12 years. And that affects demand for everything consumers
buy for their new homes, including furniture to appliances. Recovery is months away
with builders already swamped with unsold inventory. With as many as 2 million new
foreclosures expected in 2007, the end is nowhere in sight.

There is an opportunity to assist the 2 million homeowners who are facing
foreclosure this year. Indeed the first cut in the federal funds rate in more than
four years will move to help banks and investors too. The pre-foreclosure investor
considers the differences between residential families and speculation. Unlike some,
the pre-foreclosure investor acknowledges the errant actions of an opportunistic
mortgage industry and does not seek take to take advantage of those who can least
afford it. Under the guide of a trained pre-foreclosure investor, saving the
homeowner's credit is critical and foremost.

Jeff Kaller is the leading short sale and pre-foreclosure expert Nation wide. "His
students have really done well in our Michigan Market. If they do well in Michigan's
depressed real estate market you know Jeff Kaller is doing a great job of teaching
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