Premium IV Recommended By Conde Nast Traveler As The Concierge Company Of St Barts

Released on: February 12, 2008, 11:46 am

Press Release Author: John Day, President, Premium IV- St Barts


Press Release Summary: John Day, President of Premium IV is proud to announce that the online home of Conde Nast Traveler, featuring hundreds of
destinations around the world has recognized and recommends Premium IV as the
concierge company for St Barts.

Press Release Body: Premium IV of St Barts was created to provide the visitor to St
Barts with all their VIP activity reservations, wedding, corporate or special event
planning and VIP airport assistance thru St Maarten and St Barts. Under one umbrella
Premium IV has contracted over 120 professional partners dedicated in providing only
the best products and services that St Barts has to offer. the online destination for inspired travel incorporates original,
interactive features on every aspect of travel and is the online home of Cond Nast
Traveler. The site includes almost 200 original, in-depth, insider guides to top
destinations around the world; a \"destination finder\" that lets readers narrow down
the perfect place for any trip, as well as almost 10,000 photographs of hotels,
destinations, landmarks, and more. In addition, a suite of interactive tools,
including a range of travel deals targeted to specific destinations and a powerful
search function to aid navigation, helps readers make smart travel plans.

Sir Harold Matthew Evans is a British-born journalist and writer who, in 1986,
became the founding editor of Conde Nast Traveler, the magazine dedicated to truth
in travel. In 2005 Conde Nast Traveler had an average paid circulation of 783,762.
Its total readership was estimated at 3,235,000.

Conde Nast Traveler\'s founding principle of \"Truth in Travel\" dictates that its
writers travel anonymously and pay their own way, thus assuring their credibility
and independence from the travel industry. The writers experience travel the way
everyone else does, both the good and bad, and record their impressions honestly and
fairly. Although the magazine is mainly targeted at recreation travel, it also
targets business travelers. In addition to writing about various exotic locales to
help readers decide on their destinations, Traveler also offers informative features
that explore regional culture, transportation, and cuisine, highlighting amusing
diversions unique to each place. The focus is almost always on destinations that are
quite opulent.

It is a high-quality travel and lifestyles magazine aimed at upscale experienced
travelers. The magazine calls itself "An insider\'s guide to the outside world". The
covers of Conde Nast Traveler lure readers with gorgeous photographs of exotic
locales, sunny beaches, and European cities and byways. Inside, readers find
stunning photography, maps, tips and well-written articles on exotic first-class
vacation destinations. Conde Nast Traveler aims to keep readers abreast on the
latest news, bargain travel deals, and the most interesting tourist destinations
available. In addition to serving up plenty of practical advice, the magazine also
scours the globe to present locales that are lesser-known yet possess something
unique to offer.

St Barthelemy ( St Barts )is such a place. Located in the middle of the turquoise
ocean, situated near the northern end of the Lesser Antilles group in the French
West Indies. At a distance of 200 km from the island of Guadeloupe and 25 km from
Saint-Martin. It is a mountainous island of 25 sq km, whose only flat area is
occupied by the airport's runway. As the climate is rather dry, agriculture has
never been developed, thus throughout history few slaves had ever been employed. For
the most part, St. Bartians are descendants of Breton and Norman fisherfolk. Many
are of French and Swedish ancestry, the latter evident in their fair skin, blond
hair, and blue eyes. The inland is dry and mountainous, the highest peak is at 300 m
above sea level. Stonewalls separating the parcels of land reflect the origins of
the inhabitants.
Rent a small off road vehicle, lift off the top and discover the island - on the
narrow, winding roads you hardly ever exceed 50 km/h. Folklore claims that the
entire road system on the island is paved-over goat paths. The landscape is
characterized by green rolling hills (highest top: 938 ft, Morne du Vitet), and 22
white sandy beaches, all public, most sheltered by a coral reef and some only
accessible by foot. These beautiful beaches lend themselves to water sports, from
windsurfing, scuba and snorkeling to jet skiing, sailing and deep-sea fishing.

The island\'s other claim to fame is its fine dining, considered among the best in
the Caribbean. Lunch or dinner at one of the island\'s top restaurants can be a major
splurge. Not long ago, St. Barts was a clandestine hideaway of Rockefellers,
Rothschilds, and their lucky confidants: the celebrated, the wealthy, the globally
glamorous. When Mariah Carey wants to throw a birthday bash or Leonardo di Caprio
decides to host a New Year\'s Eve party on his chartered yacht, St. Bart\'s is the
island of choice. The favorite of celebrity jet-setters, now, though this snug,
delectably French island hosts a more democratic crowd, it retains an elite yet
casual aura and continues to lure travelers who seek a vacation as classy as it is
restful and scenic.
You come to St. Barts for the relaxation, the French cuisine, the white-sand
beaches, and the ultimate in comfort.

Web Site:

Contact Details: Les Galeries du Commerce
St Jean , 97133
St Barthelemy
(011) 590 590 290 007 - tel
(011) 590 590 290 008 - fax

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