Propertymixer com - the first Global Real Estate Networking and Information Portal launched with focus on India, Dubai and Singapore

Released on: February 11, 2008, 6:22 am

Press Release Author: property Mixer

Industry: Real Estate

Press Release Summary: - the first Global Real Estate Networking &
Information Portal launched with focus on India, Dubai and Singapore.

Press Release Body: - the first Global Real Estate Networking &
Information Portal launched with focus on India, Dubai and Singapore

With a plethora of Real Estate Sites with a focus to do trade, i.e. buy and sell
properties, is an innovation in the Real Estate Industry which
provides a networking platform to the real estate fraternity. The site invites
Investors, Agents, Realtors, Developers, Lawyers, Consultants, Researchers,
Analysts, Architects and all those who have an interest in Real Estate in anyway to
come and use the platform to Meet, Connect, Collaborate and Grow and that too for
FREE. Propertymixer is a global platform but its core focus is serving those
interested in investing in India, UAE and Singapore.

As anyone would agree, Real Estate and Networking go hand in hand and one cannot
exist without the other. So if you have to 'Grow'.you have to 'Know' and till now,
no one had explored the concept of "Networking" in Global Real Estate and we are the
first to do so in the world. is a 'Networking and Information' thus the focus is more on
listing of Information, Correct position of Realty Brands with the right Target
Market and Groups. Another big USP of is the creation of
'Networking' opportunities in Real Estate across the globe. They believe that the
need of the hour today for Real Estate Majors is to 'Inform' people about who you
are and what you offer rather than just seek visibility in any key media.

The site gives a platform for members to create their personal profiles, their
company profiles, create and use networks called as "mixers" to interact with each
other and share trends and news items related to Real Estate. It gives an
opportunity to make a network of resources in the Global Real estate domain and at
the same time, for an investor, it opens up a lot more avenues for investment by
showcasing many markets and the respective contacts to explore for investments. It
also has a provision to advertise your properties or add a property requirement
based on a regional basis for many markets including Dubai.

Propertymixer offers a unique "Realty Power Brand" status to many of the premium
Real Estate Brands within the industry hence providing complete information about
the brand, its presence, its values, management and also links it to the events they
participate in. This sort of "Advertiser Led Content" approach helps brands
establish their credibility & trust in an investor. The site already includes some
big names on its member list from the Real Estate research companies, Developers to
Real Estate Funds.

What has been done with is to give the power in each hand and
encourage people to connect with their peers in the Real Estate Industry across the
Globe. Interestingly, has been online only 6 months now, but the
response has been overwhelming. It seems they addressed a need thus justifying the
millions of hits in their first month of launch only. The site has numerous real
estate professionals who have now started using as a 'Virtual
Office' and one can now see the presence of many Global Premium Developers from
India, UAE, Singapore, UK & many other Real Estate markets. They already have
thousands of members from across 81 countries regularly using the platform.

The founder of the site, Minal Arora is an IT Entrepreneur and while she stayed in
London before moving her base to India last year, she mentioned that while she was
in London, she wanted to Invest in Dubai but due to not knowing anyone there and the
lack of a platform where you could first get to know a consultant or property
advisor, she could not take a decision to invest since she didn't feel confident if
she would land up in the right hands. This is when she realized this sort of
connectivity will boost up investment in many of the upcoming markets like India,
Dubai and Singapore and will also give an easier channel for investors to explore
new borders.

Minal is very confident that this is a revolutionary concept and the world has seen
the power of networking and connectivity in many fields till now and its time to use
it to some real business. She says she is getting awesome response and people have
already started cracking big deals through it and she plans to expand and grow this
platform exponentially in the next few months hence bringing all the Real Estate
fraternity under one roof.

Propertymixer is a new way to address the needs of investors and also those serving
them. Additionally, the site also address support functions like legal needs,
architecture, interior designing, Vaastu, Feng shui etc which completes the full
circle of all one could want to connect to in Real Estate and hence giving the space
to grow and multiply in the Real Estate Business. This new approach is causing a lot
of excitement and is prepared to become the Real Estate one stop shop in the global

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