Publicity Expert Shares Tips on Being Heard for National Be Heard Day

Released on: February 20, 2008, 10:19 am

Press Release Author: Jennifer Dwyer/Cherry Communications and Be Heard Solutions

Industry: Small Business

Press Release Summary: National Holiday Encourages Entrepreneurs and Business Owners
to Find Their Voice, Tell Their Story and Be Heard

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Publicity Expert Shares Tips on Being Heard for National Be Heard Day

National Holiday Encourages Entrepreneurs and Business Owners to Find Their Voice,
Tell Their Story and Be Heard

ALBANY, NY - (FEBRUARY 22, 2008) - Many small business owners and entrepreneurs
think marketing and publicity is out of their reach, especially when they feel they
can't compete budget-wise with big corporations. But one publicity professional
disagrees. She feels with the right amount of exposure in the right places, any
small business can flourish and succeed. With National Be Heard Day on March 7th,
small businesses can celebrate their own unique marketing efforts.

"National Be Heard Day calls attention to the 145+ million people who are either
employed by a small business or is an independent professional in the United States.
They're the owners of the local grocery store, the employees of the small
advertising agency, piano teachers and plumbers, business analysts and bakers,
attorneys and artisans," says Shannon Cherry, APR, creator of the holiday. "The day
urges these professionals to find their voice, tell their story and be heard through
marketing and publicity."

Cherry, who created the holiday in 2004, is the owner of Be Heard Solutions
(, and Cherry Communications
( A former TV and newspaper journalist, she helps
small business owners and entrepreneurs who are struggling to get more customers
making them the recognized expert. Cherry is accredited in public relations and has
worked in the PR, marketing and fundraising field for more than 15 years.

According to Cherry, marketing is a key element in any small business, but it
doesn't need to break the bank. "Small businesses typically have a limited marketing
budget if any at all," she says. "Does that mean you can't succeed like the big
guys? Absolutely not. It just means you have to think a little more creatively. And
that's what National Be Heard Day celebrates: creative tactics that helps the little
guy grow and thrive."

To help small businesses owners, Cherry offers the following tactics to be heard on
National Be Heard Day:

1. Write articles: Articles don\'t have to be long; they just need to be informative.
Writing articles gives you instant credibility, too. Submitting online, as well as
offline, provides another good chance to get your name in print at no cost. Be sure
to put your contact information in a contact resource box at the end of the article.

2. Use your business cards: Think of your business card as a small billboard and
start handing them out everywhere. Include them in all your correspondence - even in
your bills!
3. Public speaking: Speaking in front of an audience usually makes you an expert.
People like to buy from experts. If they\'re in your audience, then they\'ll remember
your expertise and come to you when they need your product or service. Speaking is
free, and it\'s just like making a sales call to many people at one time.
4. Free reports: Offering a free report online is a good way to get an e-mail from
prospects so you may market to them later. This is the whole basis of
permission-based marketing, or opt-in lists. You can do the same thing offline.
5. Build strategic alliances: Introduce yourself to other businesspeople who don\'t
compete with you but sell products or services to the same target audience. Offer to
promote them if they promote you. Make sure they\'re people you like and trust.

For more marketing tactics and tips, and to receive free gifts as part of the
National Be Heard Day celebration, go to
Jennifer Dwyer
Cherry Communications
800.257.0633 ext 4

Web Site:

Contact Details: Jennifer Dwyer
Cherry Communications
800.257.0633 ext 4

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