Queen of Green Deflates Today`s Green Hype and Puts Greenwash Out to Dry

Released on: February 15, 2008, 6:14 pm

Press Release Author: Joyce E. White

Industry: Environment

Press Release Summary: Her book, \"Really Green,\" takes us back to the basics

Press Release Body: Q: I found your book to be intelligent and very inspiring. It
made me feel good about my own efforts to go green. Tell us what your book is about.

A: Everyday, I talk with people who want to live green. I realized, though, most
don\'t know the basics of green. And the most common question I am asked is, \"How do
I know if this product is really green?\"

My book, \"Really Green,\" is the answer to this question. It covers everything from
defining biodegradable to how to identify greenwashing. More importantly, it
outlines the basic principles that define green products.

Q: Well, what does \"green\" really mean?

A: Green includes any product, service, or activity that is supportive of life, both
human and otherwise...including everything from helping the environment to human
health and social issues. \"Green\" is the umbrella that encompasses everything
including: organic, recycled, biodegradable, fair trade, etc.

Q: Is there a standard by which we measure what is really green?

A: Yes, and it is not opinion. All we need to do is look at nature to see that a
green product would be made from resources that are rapidly renewable, taken
sustainably, made with efficient use of resources, and other practical guidelines.
There can be no more solid and true foundation for what constitutes a green product.

Q: What excited me the most about your book was to realize that I am not this thing
called a \"consumer.\" How can we become more human in living our lives and less

A: Our whole consumer identity of having our lives revolve around the buying of
things is simply not our natural state. We don\'t have to buy our lives, we can live
our lives. Consumers rely on others to provide for them, but as humans we can think
for ourselves, feel for ourselves, create for ourselves, and act from caring about
the well-being of all life.

Q: With all the years you\'ve been into green, why write this book now?

A: I felt a new urgency.we all need to go green right now! This past winter I spent
some time in San Francisco. Amazingly, in December, the camellias were blooming, the
fruit trees blossoming, and the fields were yellow with mustard flowers. None of
these things are supposed to happen until February. I lived in Northern California
for 47 years and I know when the flowers bloom. The earth is changing.

This is more than a book to me, it\'s a mission. I feel called to do this at the
deepest level of my being. The Earth is calling all of us.

Really Green by Debra Lynn Dadd can be ordered online at

Web Site: http://www.dld123.com/reallygreen

Contact Details: Contact Debra Lynn Dadd at:

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