Quick Accountant - an eBay Accounting Spreadsheet by LaptopCentral


Released on: February 26, 2008, 5:03 am

Press Release Author: LaptopCentral

Industry: Accounting

Press Release Summary: Quick accountant: an excel accounting spreadsheet tailored
for ebay businesses by developer LaptopCentral is released.

Press Release Body: The release of LaptopCentral\'s Quick Accountant excel
spreadsheet is the culmination of 6 months of development, tweaking, and testing. As
owner Tyson Moore puts it \"The development process was more fun then anything.\" This
is not a surprising statement after getting to know more about this process. Moore
says his program was developed as his company needed. LaptopCentral has been selling
laptop replacement parts on eBay for close to a year now and Quick Accountant was
developed with their company\'s personal use in mind. Moore says "This was going to
stay in house until in testing realized that this spreadsheet could help other
business owners keep there finances in order."

The spreadsheet itself is pretty streamlined and easy to use. The user just inputs
some simple data and the spreadsheet goes to work calculating information for the
user. When asked about competitors like Quick Books Moore had this to say "We really
don't see them as a direct competitor, there software cost between $400 and $1000
dollars at $5.99 we are just looking to offer a great low cost alternative."

LaptopCentral Bio:LaptopCentral, a small company out of Davison MI has been selling
laptop replacement parts on ebay for around a year. After about 6 months the company
needed some accounting software to keep track of their ever growing business. This
is when quick accountant was born.

For more information visit www.ebayquickaccountant.info

Web Site: http://ebayquickaccountant.info

Contact Details: laptopcentral 10102 chrater oaks dr davison mi 48423

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