RECESSION - JOB LOSSES OPEN DOOR TO HOME BASED BUSINESS BOOM Factory Closures Employees Take Their Families Futures Into Their Own Hands!

Released on: February 14, 2008, 10:49 am

Press Release Author: Jo Golden

Industry: Internet & Online

Press Release Summary: With the current economic turmoil and spiralling inflation
manufacturing industries are feeling the pressure a bit. As a reulst rumours of
redunancy plans are rife amongst local communities. The working masses are preparing
for the inevitable and seeking alternate means of income.

Press Release Body: Britain's factory workers fight back at the Governments'
economic policies as the current economic climate leads to major Corporations
streamlining workforces. These findings are gleaned from over three months of
uncertainty and debate at the website According to a
Director of Arpanet International Peter Staples, there is a huge amount of anger and
resentment towards the Government for their recent policies which have lead to
factory worker's redundancies, especially those with young families. This has lead
to the workers seeking other means of making a living.

As the credit crunch tightens and inflation continues to be out of control
manufacturers are looking at reducing overheads to ensure they keep their heads
above water. With several of the car manufacturing and engineering plants being
shutdown already, factory workers in are understandably concerned for their family's

One factory worker from the Midlands said "It's alright for the people at the top,
but the rest of us ordinary folk are going to suffer. It's not like the skills we
use here in the factory are any good elsewhere!" Another worker said "I've been here
for 10 years, and manufacturing cars is all I know. Most of the plants round here
have been closed down or are being closed."

"I was surprised by the level of anger in these messages" Staples said "It appears
that the factory workers are far more clued up to this than most people would have

"This highlights once again the need to educate these workers about how they can
take their future into their own hands" Said Dean Taylor, the founder of the first
Internet Caf in Wales and one of the forerunners of Internet Marketing.
" has done a true service to these people by bringing
these business opportunities to the public's attention" was founded in 2007 to provide people with the opportunity
to successfully run their own Internet Business from Home. The site boasts a wealth
of information on Internet Marketing and offers unlimited training and support.


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