RemindYourLovecom lets men everywhere get away with forgetting birthdays and anniversaries

Released on: February 22, 2008, 10:23 pm

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Industry: Consumer Services

Press Release Summary: Men can forget about taking hours to buy presents for the
women in their lives- lets men purchase up to a year's worth of
presents in just one sitting. Shipping, wrapping, and even the gift card are taken
care of every time.

Press Release Body: is a new and innovative way for men to buy
presents for one month, two months, or the whole year! Pick out your presents,
select the delivery date, and we\'ll handle the rest.

Offering high-end luxury gifts at every-day prices, is set up to
please wives, mothers, daughters, personal assistants, or any other woman in your
life who needs a special gift.

It's unlike any other gift-giving site out there - you pick the presents for her
birthday, your anniversary, or just because. When your present is shipped you'll get
an email to remind you of your thoughtfulness.

The site was started by partners (both business and romantic) Maritza Mejia and
Travis Wilson who offer the following on their inspiration:

\"We were sick of the never-ending succession of birthdays, anniversaries, and
holidays that crept up on us month after month. We were tired of always settling for
mediocre gifts which would arrive late and still need wrapping and a card. Most
importantly, we wanted the women in our life to finally understand how much we
appreciate them. We love elegance and simple, classic gifts. Before we knew it, all
these feelings combined to form the concept for Our aim is to
help men appreciate the women in their lives without emptying their wallets and
wasting hours of time shopping. We set out to select a few beautiful gifts that
would make men a hero in the eyes of their wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, and
colleagues. We hope the women in your life enjoy the gifts from our site, and that
you find it makes your life just a little easier.\"

RemindYourLove is here to revolutionize the way that men give gifts to the women in
their life- buying for as much as a whole year at a time. Visit RemindYourLove today
to start becoming a hero to all the women in your life!

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P.O. Box 91336
Santa Barbara, CA 93190-1336

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