Revolutionary, biometric security system for vehicles available in Brazil

Released on: February 1, 2008, 11:39 am

Press Release Author: Pedro Ceitlin

Industry: Automotive

Press Release Summary: Gloriette Ltda, located in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul,
importer of high tech vehicle equipments introduces SID, the worldwide first
biometric fingerprint system in aftersales for vehicles to the brazlian market.

Press Release Body: Car thefts in Brazil cost an estimated 7 billion Real (US$ 3,5
billion) a year. Available alarm systems are usually well known by car thiefes and
access devices can be stolen, copied or even lost. Car tracking systems are designed
to get a vehicle back after it is stolen. In many cases the time till the owner
reports the vehicle as stolen is enough to strip and dump the car. So prevention
should be the main target.
The digital identification system SID only allows authorized people whos
fingerprint is enrolled in the system to activate the vehicle. Up to 21 fingerprints
- including the system managers - can be stored in the device. Unauthorized
activation of the vehicle by criminal or just the family member - without permission
but access to the key - is impossible.
Nowadays similar systems are implemented in the luxury models of Audi, BMW and
Mercedes-Benz. SID can be installed in any vehicle. The system is high technology,
developed in the USA and integrates a scanner with 508 dpi personalizing the system
and the vehicle it is installed, because a fingerprint is unique and impossible to
be copied, lost or stolen.
The installation is simple, the system is easy to manage and utilize and the
protection level against theft and robbery is extraordinary, incomparable with any
available security system in the worldwide market.
\"SID installed in a car not just raises the security level to a maximum, it even
increases the value of the vehicle\" Pedro Ceitlin, CMO of Gloriette says and
continues:\"A biometric security system like SID makes the car uninteresting for a
Gloriette Ltda. is exclusive importer and distributor for SID in Argentina, Brazil,
Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Web Site:

Contact Details:
Gloriette Importao e Exportao Ltda.
Rua Sap, 745
91350-050 Porto Alegre
+55 (51) 3362 16 05
+55 (51) 9191 49 44

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