Rose City Chocolatier Announces New Personalized Product Line for Corporate Gatherings, Weddings and Other Events

Released on: February 18, 2008, 11:29 am

Press Release Author: Libra Design and Media

Industry: Food & Beverage

Press Release Summary: Committed to bringing the finest Belgian chocolate experience
to consumers worldwide, Rose City Chocolatier has announced personalized packaging
of their delectable line of chocolates.

Press Release Body: BOONTON, NJ - Committed to bringing the finest Belgian chocolate
experience to consumers worldwide, Rose City Chocolatier has announced personalized
packaging of their delectable line of chocolates.

The new packaging was recently introduced especially for corporate gift giving,
according to the corporate offices of Rose City Chocolatier. The packaging can be
personalized with corporate colors, logo and message, and creates an elegant piece
for a business to present to its vendors, employees or customers. Additionally, this
custom packaging can be designed for weddings with the couple's name, wedding colors
and a message to guests. Likewise, others may take advantage of this custom
packaging option, including those planning a bridal or baby shower, party,
anniversary celebration or another special event. With the custom package, the
receiver will receive a gift to be remembered, with savory chocolates inside to
enjoy. Worldwide shipping is available to allow for convenience anywhere.

Rose City's all natural chocolates contain no artificial flavors, fillers, colors or
preservatives. The chocolates are made in small batches by hand, and the chocolate
coverture contains 100% cocoa butter. The detail maintained in creating each
individual chocolate truly makes a difference in the flavor. Only the finest,
freshest, highest quality ingredients are used in each of Rose City's chocolates. No
hydrogenated vegetable oils are used to replace the more expensive cocoa butter that
truly makes a difference the quality of the chocolate. Just as importantly,
flavorings are made from nature itself. Rose City's orange flavor comes from
concentrated orange; nut flavors from nuts; and liqueur flavors from the original
name brands. There are no artificial ingredients or preservatives in any of Rose
City's succulent chocolates. Consumers may also be assured that every chocolate is
fresh. Each purchase is packaged to order, ensuring that they haven't been sitting
on a store shelf or in a warehouse for months on end.

For Gene Bohensky, owner of Rose City Chocolatier, chocolate has been a lifelong
passion. His fondest memories of growing up in Europe are of the chocolates he
enjoyed during his childhood. On his first trip to Belgium, he was amazed by the
chocolates sold in their candy shops. "I never tasted anything so fresh, and I
wondered why such chocolates were never found in the United States," he said.

With that idea in mind, Rose City Chocolatier was born. Founded in a town famous for
its rose gardeners, the company offers delicate chocolate specialties created with
the same care and attention that it takes to grow the finest roses. Each chocolate
is hand created by a small, family-owned chocolatier in northern Belgium that makes
some of the best chocolates in the world. These chocolates have been created by hand
to delight and awaken the senses.

While dark and milk chocolate are top sellers at Rose City Chocolatier, the vegan
chocolate selection is one to not be underestimated. Rose City's exclusive vegan
line has been made without the use of animal products of any kind, without
sacrificing flavor or the commitment to all natural and fresh ingredients. The sugar
used in making these fine vegan chocolates is processed from the sugar beet, and no
animal products are used in processing or filtering the sugar.

Rose City Chocolatier products may be purchased at their retail location in Boonton,
New Jersey, or at select chocolate and gift boutiques nationwide. Rose City
Chocolatier also offers online shopping at

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