Routine Branding - The Crowning Achievement of your Brand How to Create and Integrate your Brand into the Day to Day Life of your Customer

Released on: February 12, 2008, 7:58 am

Press Release Author: Paul Miser

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: Integrate your brand into the daily activities of your
customers routine for complete brand saturation and watch your company grow.

Press Release Body: Where does your brand fit into the Day-to-Day routine of your
customers? No answer, huh? That's because no one has ever been asked this question
before. Why would we want to know where our brand is in the daily lives of our
customers? Simple, if we can ensure our company or brand is integrated in to the
daily activities completed by our customers and core target, we can ensure top of
mind awareness, brand loyalty, point of sale positioning, and can take us to the
promise land of our brand; complete brand saturation.

Now if this is such a great idea, why is now the first time we have heard of it?
Simple, no one would dare speak the language, before we can make sure we can achieve
this level of branding. Now, with the dynamic life of technology and marketing
avenues, we can now get closer to our customers than ever before. We live in a
society where daily activity communication is everywhere. Our customers finally
feel comfortable disclosing certain information to us regarding their likes, needs,
wants, desires, and daily activities. All we need to do is ask.

I have developed a list to help you start your quest of Routine Branding greatness.
To go into complete detail, would fill a book or two, but it is a great starting
point for any company.

Start Small - 80% of our business comes from 20% of our customers. Find your best
current customers and start with them. The goal to marketing is to create, keep,
and enhance a customer, so if you can enhance your top 20% of your customers daily
lives, don't you think they will embrace the brand saturation? This will create a
strong word of mouth network as well which we all know is the greatest marketing

Do Research - Ask these 20% of clients what their daily life is like. When do they
wake up, where do they drink their coffee, how do they work, when do they check
their email, why do they purchase from you, why do they purchase other brands, what
type of cell phone do they have, do they like to stay connected, etc. Any question
you can ask that generates an answer about their daily lives is important. In order
to reach Routine Branding, you need to know everything you can about your customer
and their daily lives. Also with this research, we will find some correlations
between the daily lives of different demographics which will help us perform the
next step, Create the Brand.

Create the Brand - Now, we all currently have a brand, if you don't GET ONE! With
the information we find in the first two steps we can begin to construct a brand
with a core essence that will be integrated into the daily lives of our customers.
Our Routine Brand, needs to represent what we are as a company, what differentiates
us, why customers can trust our brand to come into their comfortable lives,
different emotions and feelings that appeal to their inner most passions and goals.
Basically, if we can create our brand to provide our clients a stepping stone to
their goals, we will be let into their lives.

Identify Daily Brand Outlets - Now we have our target audience, a map of their daily
lives, and a brand that can be integrated into the life of our audience, what next?
We need to utilize the information found above to identify Daily Brand Outlets. We
can identify when our customers are in front of their computers to send emails, what
frustrations they have when getting to work, what websites they 'routinely' visit,
what type of information they browse for on the web, what obstacles they have in
their place in life. We with technological advances, we can be there for key times
throughout their daily life.

Create Brand Avenues - Our Company can now create brand avenues. Now there will be
some differentiating factors in our customer base that we can 'niche segment'
together to systematize the branding process as much as possible. But understanding
these differences can become a great asset to the brand and create a more personable
message, than a mass produced marketing effort. A Brand Avenue is basically a
system in where we can utilize a marketing technology or function to get our brand
in front of our customer at the correct time. This can be email, desktop widgets,
blogs, rss feeds, mobile technology, podcasts, direct mail, radio, etc. Any
marketing effort can be a great Brand Avenue for our journey for creating our
Routine Brand, if utilized correctly.

Embrace Technology - I mentioned earlier that we haven't heard of Routine Branding
before because, there was no way to implement the ideas before. With the advent of
certain technologies, we can now safely incorporate our brand into the day to day
Routine of our customers. With technologies like mobile email, desktop widgets,
blog rss feeds in email, we can create a top of mind awareness that was once
considered science fiction. If we learn about and embrace these technologies and
the technologies to come, we can get our brand closer and closer to our customer
every day.

Routine Branding is the marketing of the future. It will soon become commonplace,
much like relationship marketing or duct tape marketing, but is now the idea that
will change our Brand as we know it. It will look the same from the outside, but
inside the customer's life, it will take on a whole new meaning. It will become a
catalyst for their life growth. It will become so ingrained in their routine that,
if removed, would create a void that could equal the loss of a friend or family
member. Routine Branding is the crowning achievement for any brand. Forget about
brand awareness or brand loyalty, we are creating a Routine Brand, a part of the
customer's life.

Paul Miser, founder and President of Miser Advertising and Marketing, is the
mastermind behind the Outsourced Marketing Department model. He wanted to provide
businesses an advantage to compete with the business environment Goliath's. Paul
received his MBA from Northwest Missouri State University in 2004 where he was an
All-Conference 400m Hurdler. Paul enjoys learning, teaching, surfing, music, and
public speaking. His passion for helping fellow business owners has provided him
with tremendous opportunities in the San Diego area and internationally. Paul
currently resides in Carlsbad, CA with his fiance and business partner Sheena.

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Contact Details: Miser Advertising and Marketing
Paul Miser
3969 Adams St. #D115
Carlsbad, CA 92008
Telephone: (760) 445-4371

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