Safe File Shredder - remove your files and folders without ability to undelete an restore them

Released on: February 8, 2008, 12:09 pm

Press Release Author: A.S.A.P. Solutions Inc.

Industry: Software

Press Release Summary: Safe File Shredder allows to remove confidential files and
folders and move them

Press Release Body: To remove data completely it is not enough to remove it through
the Windows Explorer to the Recycle Bin (Basket) or to the Recycle Bin and after
then empty it. Besides, even after hard disk formatting, it is possible to restore
data partially or completely. Therefore your old hard drive or other storage device
which you have sold or gave to another person, can quite become object of interest
for a certain circle of people. Information restoration can cost expensively enough
and can take away a lot of time but when it is a question of really important
information, money and time are fading into the background. Restoration programs
(undelete) are based on this file removal mechanism, they can recover file system
record about file existence. There are either positive or negative sides of it. Data
restoration from the broken hard drive brings pleasure when this information comes
back to you. But when the file which you have removed, gets into foreign hands it is
a big problem.

To be sure that nobody can restore your files and get access to the private
information which you wish to be destroyed for ever, it is necessary to use the Safe
File Shredder.
Safe File Shredder, the key features:

● FAT and NTFS file systems support
● Safe and quick data erasing (it works quickly, as far the file system allows)
● The newest algorithm, which excludes possibility of data restoration by
residual magnetization
● Wipe list of files and folders to be wiped
● Erase files placed on the network neighborhood
● Up to 5 passes of data erasing (to make sure that no data can be restored)
● Safe data moving (you can move files to another storage device and erase all
● File names, folder names protection (nobody can recover shredded file/folder

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Contact Details: Address: Bekhtereva str. vl.30 g.64, Moscow
Russian Federation

Phone Number: 7(495)9566243

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