Softing Media presents a better way to search the internet

Released on: February 14, 2008, 4:59 am

Press Release Author: Softing Media

Industry: Software

Press Release Summary: Using the latest in semantic technology, Softing launched a
search engine that implements features for easier and more precise searching of
books over the internet.

Press Release Body: Softing Media Engineering, a global software development
company, recently presented its "smart" search engine for books, Find On Internet -

Find On Internet is a search engine that features search capabilities like many
popular engines such as Google; however, users can benefit from added features that
allow them to search books with full sentences. Find On Internet utilizes unique
language processing features that semantically match sentence with sentence,
providing a more meaningful and comprehensive search.

The way the search engine works is as follows: after the user types in a word or
entire sentence that he/she needs to locate within a book, the engine pulls out a
text from a book that contains that word or entire sentence. It also provides a link
to the specified book where it can be downloaded or purchased. Especially useful for
students, scientists, and researchers who need to quickly locate the most relevant
selection of resources.

In addition to searching all books, Find On Internet also allows any user to upload
a book onto the web-site, providing the book added exposure and accessibility.

For more information please visit:

Web Site:

Contact Details: Softing Media Engineering
142 Milford Street
Rochester, NY 14615
+1 303 800 5398

Vesna Budzevski
Marketing Manager

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