Speedy Cheetah Lets You Pay Anyone, Anytime, Anyway You Want!

Released on: February 19, 2008, 3:03 am

Press Release Author: Harold E. Hemmings

Industry: Financial

Press Release Summary: The Speedy Cheetah Pays website offers fast, secure and
user-friendly payment processing both nationally and internationally as well,
revolutionizing the way online payments are handled.

Press Release Body: Moorestown,New Jersey,February,19,2008 -- The Speedy Cheetah
Pays online payment processing system provides a system that is precise, secure,
user friendly, international and national, offering Internet users a chance to
participate in legitimate online transactions rather than having to worry that the
business transactions that they are participating in online are not safe. The Speedy
Cheetah Pays online payment processing system is completely secure, with an on site
SSL security seal as proof.

There are too many opportunities out there for online business transactions where
the website is not secure, or the payment process is not secure, opening up
consumers to a world of threats, including financial problems and identity theft.
This also substantially decreases purchase rates for merchants, since clients are
very strict about purchasing from non-secure sites.

This is why secure payment options are so necessary in today\'s online economy. This
website was developed based on a concept dreamed up by Harold E. Hemmings, the
entrepreneur behind http://www.guard-my-family.com, who brought the concept to his
webmaster who was capable of bringing it to life by producing an incredible product.

Hemmings himself acts as the CEO of the Speedy Cheetah Pays online payment
processing website. He is also the CEO of the company called Guard My Family (
http://www.guard-my-family.com ). Harold also happens to be a full-time technology
instructor. "My primary goal is promoting security on the net, through a number of
different sites," says Hemmings.

His plans seem to be expanding to payment-processing, a multi-billion dollar
industry. Hemmings mentions he is looking to provide online shoppers with surfing
experiences that are both satisfying and rewarding, by offering them a secure and
worry-free environment that they can trust. Harold E. Hemmings\' motto when it comes
to his websites is, \"Once a customer; thereafter, a friend!\"

The concept behind the Speedy Cheetah Pays online payment website was first
conceived in September of 2007. By January 2, 2008, the webmaster behind the
http://www.guard-my-family.com website was able to bring this concept into fruition.
For more information about the Speedy Cheetah Pays website, contact
excelsior63@gmail.com or pay a visit to http://www.speedycheetahpays.com.

Web Site: http://www.speedycheetahpays.com

Contact Details:
Contact address:

Harold E. Hemmings
Guard My Family
524 Bridge Ave.,
Moorestown, NJ 08057

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