Stem Cell therapy treated patient with stroke and seizures

Released on: February 1, 2008, 3:24 am

Press Release Author: Stem Cell Panakea

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Placental stem cell therapy for biological solutions to
hitherto incurable diseases

Press Release Body: Stem Cell therapy brought hope to millions, suffering from
degenerative diseases and Wallena Haynes is one amongst number of beneficiaries.
Wallena Haynes was always a fast paced individual with varied background in
management positions and was working as manager of a senior retirement resort from
last 4 years. But she had to leave her job as she began to having Seizures at the
age of 35 and before resigning from the job she was also suffering from stroke.
These degenerative disorders left her quite limited in her mobility and speech
pattern. She was in the same stage from one and half year. She visited many
facilities and was examined by numerous physicians where she spent thousands of
dollars in the hope of finding a cure. But she was not, as none has been ever found.
After a year or so, a light of hope arisen when her husband's doctor recommended her
for placenta stem cell implant. Just in few days after the implant she was amazed
with improvement in kidney function, energy level soared, her speech pattern
returned to normal within 3 weeks and within 5 weeks she had full mobility of her
limbs. Within 6 weeks she went back to work full time to her previous job and within
small period of time promoted as Regional Manager, handling 6 retirement resorts.
Now she is seizures and stoke free and able to reduce her medicine intake. She feels
so blessed with improvements on daily basis and thankful for quality of life.

Wallena Haynes story itself tells every thing. But some people are initially still
hesitant about using placentas in this fashion, but will be soon convinces of
morality, safety and its benefits.

For more information about Wallena Haynes and placental Stem Cell therapy

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