Step Right In, Join My Online Club - Average Joes Operating Million Dollar Membership Sites

Released on: February 1, 2008, 3:51 am

Press Release Author: Keith Baxter

Industry: Internet & Online

Press Release Summary: What does it take to run a glamorous membership site,
attracting thousands of paying members online? 3 Veterans Averaging a total of $2.5M
per year join together to show just how that can be done.

Press Release Body: Kingwood, Texas,Feb 01, 2008 -- Almost everyone has a driving
social sense. This sense makes people want to become a part of something bigger -
sharing their drive with other, similar people. "Club" and "membership" are two very
common words which generally refer to a collection of different people with one or
more similar characteristics - something that joins these people together.

In the last few years, online membership sites started popping here and there,
making it possible for Internet users sharing the same passions and hobbies, to come
together. These sites usually offer related downloads, images, videos, or specific
information that keeps updating - making it worthwhile for the member to keep paying
periodical fees.

Recently, membership sites have become incredibly popular. So popular, that one can
literally find memberships to sites for many different niches, from cake baking to

Creating a membership site used to quite a task; For example, setting up the domain
and hosting, to hiring a team of programmers to program the actual membership,
handling usernames & passwords - and that\'s before actually taking care of the
actual content for the members, which takes much longer. To top that off, even if
one did create a perfect membership site, the hard part is actually getting members
to join.

"That\'s all ancient history" Says Keith Baxter, of The Relationship Income System.
"Today - one can create a membership site in just a day or two, barely spending any
money upfront." continues Baxter.

The Relationship Income system is the culmination of the knowledge and expertise of
three veterans in the membership site industry who have a combined earnings amount
of $2.5 million dollars.

The step by step Relationship Income system is a proven, tried and true system that
was developed as a culmination of the knowledge and expertise that each of these
three membership site veterans brings to the table. Each veteran has been
significantly profitable on his own website, bringing that success to the program as
a way to help other people be just as profitable and successful.

Their goal is to show, in no uncertain terms, exactly what it takes to turn a
membership site into a lucrative business opportunity. They have even created a
calculator application that allows users to see exactly what they can expect to
generate when they open up their own membership site. There are a number of
different characteristics contributing to the bottom line, showing users how much
they can generate and how quickly based on the number of members, the cost of the
membership website, and a number of other characteristics.

"Anyone who has a serious interest in generating money through online income streams
is urged to explore the possibility of generating money through membership website
systems" says Baxter. These millionaire membership site veterans can achieve this
level of wealth using the same systems they teach through the Relationship Income

The Now Publishing Company, the parent company for the Relationship Income program
was originally formed in 2007 by membership site veterans Keith Baxter, Scott Boulch
and Don Bethune. This innovative system was designed to help prospective
entrepreneurs jump start their income generation through lucrative membership site
systems. For more information about the Now Publishing Company or Relationship
Income, contact or pay a visit to


Keith Baxter
Now Publishing LLC
526 Kingwood Dr. Suite 165
Kingwood, Texas 77339
+44 222 656

Web Site:

Contact Details: Keith Baxter
Now Publishing LLC
526 Kingwood Dr. Suite 165
Kingwood, Texas 77339
+44 222 656

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