Syntheway Announces Percussion Kit VSTi, A Collection Of Percussion Instruments For Windows And Linux OS

Released on: February 9, 2008, 10:24 am

Press Release Author: Syntheway Virtual Musical Instruments

Industry: Software

Press Release Summary: Syntheway is proud to announce Percussion Kit, a collection
of percussion instruments designed for creating Orchestral Percussion, as well as
Latin, African and Mallet Percussion.

Press Release Body: Syntheway announces Percussion Kit, a collection of percussion
instruments designed for creating Orchestral Percussion, Auxiliary Percussion,
Mallet Percussion, Latin Percussion and African Percussion.
This VSTi module includes \"Mallet Instruments\" such as: Vibraphone, Xylophone,
Glockenspiel, Marimba, & Tubular Bells. Available for Windows and Linux based
VST-FST hosts.


- Full selector switch on GUI, including the followings instruments:
* Orchestral Percussion: Snare Roll, Triple Roll, Bass Drum, Timpani, Gong
(Tam-Tam), Suspended Cymbal, Temple Block and Triangle.
* Auxiliary Percussion: Triangle, Woodblock, Ride Cymbal, Cymbals, Tambourine and
Sleigh Bells.
* Mallet Percussion: Vibraphone, Xylophone, Glockenspiel, Marimba and Tubular Bells.
* Latin Percussion: Conga, Timbale, Bongo and Castanets.
* African Percussion Kit.

- Integrated, variable room simulation. Free variation of acoustic ambience thanks
to complete separation of instruments and room. You can add your own effects, and
mix the percussion the way you wish. Small rooms can be modeled just as accurately
as larger spaces, without having to load up any other plug-ins.

- ADSR envelope generator with Attack, Sustain, Decay and Release parameters and
several modulation targets.

- FULL MIDI Automation.

Direct URL to the product\'s web page:

A demo version of Syntheway Percussion Kit is available at:

For more information, visit their web site at

Web Site:

Contact Details: Daniel A. Laiseca
Syntheway Virtual Musical Instruments
Buenos Aires - ARGENTINA

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