System i Operators Reap the Rewards of More Time and More Disk with QSystem Monitor`s New Purge and Data Reorganization Features

Released on: February 4, 2008, 2:30 am

Press Release Author: CCSS

Industry: Computers

Press Release Summary: Jan 30, 2008 - Systems Management Specialist, CCSS, today
announces the launch of three new features for their IBM ServerProven solution,
QSystem Monitor. The new Purge-Whilst-Active feature, Reorganize Selected Files
feature and Disk Usage Inquiry option have been created with the routine tasks of
operators in mind and offer optimal monitoring and best use of their existing disk
resources. With possible recession fears propelling aggressive cost-efficiency to
the top of the 2008 agenda for many IT Managers, QSystem Monitor's timely new
features give System i environments the distinct advantage of helping to build and
sustain economic efficiency in their daily processes.

Press Release Body: The new Purge-whilst-Active feature is based within QSystem
Monitor's history module and as the name suggests, important data purges can now be
made without the need to end the product. For IT Managers, this means that they
never have to compromise their real-time monitoring in order to free up valuable
additional disk through the MONPURGE command. By breaking the command down into two
separate elements, a purge of data and a subsequent reorganization of the files,
Managers can delete records - essentially flagging them for deletion and reorganize
the files at a more appropriate time when the system is less busy.

The new Reorganize Selected Files feature (MONRGZPF) makes up the second part of the
purge process and although the command is primarily intended for reorganizing the
MSM database in the purge process, it can be used as a separate function for any
library across the network. The command is used to reorganize files with more than a
certain number of deleted records and will skip any members that cannot be allocated
exclusively. In an example of a routine purge, Managers can set the command to
reorganize all data files in the MSM installed library where the number of deleted
records is, for example, at least 20% of the total records in the file. The result
of these two powerful commands is a considerable saving of disk space, Managers'
time and subsequently, IT spend.

The new Disk Usage Inquiry option makes use of the new MONRGZPF command within the
disk module of QSystem Monitor. This allows Managers to easily reorganize those
files that have the largest number or percentage of deleted records. Managers can
use this to make an immediate impact on the system environment and free up valuable
disk space, eliminating the need for additional, immediate disk spend. Larger
real-world System i environments could be supporting over a million deleted records
that are taking up space on the machine. By using this new feature, Managers can
quickly identify such costly repositories via the new Disk Usage Inquiry feature and
could reclaim up to 10% of their auxiliary storage immediately.

CCSS CEO and President, Ray Wright, says the impact of the new features offer
immediate tangible results for IT Managers, "Features such as this are really having
a great impact at customer sites. For IT Managers it's a gift that keeps on giving -
for them it's almost like they receive 10% of extra disk free each time they use it
on a sufficiently large number of records. The benefits are far-reaching - a leaner
more efficient environment, less time spent on routine processes and all without
encroaching on their need for continuous monitoring. These new features around the
purge functionality are typical of the ways we're extending the product all the time
and building in greater flexibility for System i Managers."

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About CCSS

CCSS develops, supports and markets IBM System i performance monitoring and
reporting, message management and remote management solutions. An Advanced IBM
Business Partner, CCSS develops powerful solutions to support some of the world's
most demanding System i environments across many industries including insurance,
banking, pharmaceutical and manufacturing. All CCSS solutions are IBM ServerProven.

Existing customers that rely on CCSS's feature-rich solutions include leading
organizations such as Volvo, Mattel, Newell-Rubbermaid, The Royal Bank of Scotland,
Siemens Medical, RWE npower and Waterstone's.

CCSS is headquartered in Gillingham, Kent, UK with key regional headquarters in
Raleigh, North Carolina, USA; Bonn, Germany and Makati City, Philippines together
with a global agent network spanning Portugal, Brazil, the Netherlands, Switzerland
and Sweden.

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