THE AFTERLIFE PHENOMENON - What Would Happen When Hell Invades Heaven

Released on: February 15, 2008, 5:54 pm

Press Release Author: Andre C. Markey

Industry: Entertainment

Press Release Summary: The book has an original plot. Heaven being invaded by the
demons of Hell, grabbing every angel in sight. One young brave girl, Aspasia, the
heroin of the book, will stand up and rescue the kidnapped angels and her loving
father, by entering the bowls of Hell.

Press Release Body: After many years of writing, Andrew C. Markey has finally
decided to self-publish one of numerous unpublished works he has written, with hope
that this is just the beginning of his dream career of writing tales that will touch
the hearts of many children. Many have already said Andrew is an inspiring writer.

This story is fiction, and is targeted for young adults, teens, and even preteens.
Andrew has met a lot of young girls in abusive relationships with their parents. So
he, and the ones he has spoken to, feel that this story relates to their lives. It
also teaches people to cherish the ones you love and what you have, before it's
gone. The book is written as if the tale is told by Aspasia herself. It's a story
of an adventure, bravery, Christianity, life, and love.

The occurrence of the invasion of Heaven was later named, the Afterlife Phenomenon,
which is how the book earned it\'s title. The story is ideal for today's audience.
The book was originally written in 2001, and after 7 years of proofreading and
polishing, and with only little support, he has finally decided to self-publish
this creative story proudly through Lulu Publishing. He finds self-publishing
unique, as it gives great experience on book formating and marking.

ISBN: 978-0-6151-9036-5

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