Taipower certified Aboundi`s Electric Connect(tm) Solution for the utilization of Broadband Access to Multiple Dwelling Units (MDUs)

Released on: February 18, 2008, 1:13 am

Press Release Author: Hong Yu

Industry: Telecommunications

Press Release Summary: Innovative 'Electric ConnectT' Power Line Broadband solution
eases networking field installation chores for the MDUs.

Press Release Body: Nashua, NH - February 18th, 2008 - Aboundi Inc. has successfully
completed its 'Electric ConnectT' series of Power Line Networking products live MDU
deployment field simulation test conducted at TaiPower's Electric Power Research
Laboratory field facility in Taipei County late in 2007. The 'Electric ConnectT'
Solution has proven its feasibility to offer broadband access for the MDUs by
utilizing the existing electrical wiring infrastructure.

The 'Electric ConnectT' Solution brings a cost effective networking deployment
applications solution to the MDUs by utilizing the existing in-premise electrical
wiring infrastructure which provides very easy access to broadband service anywhere
inside the facility without the need to rewire the "home run" Ethernet cabling.

"Aboundi's 'Electric ConnectT' series NetBridgeT devices have proven that Power Line
Networking is the best networking solution in MDU applications where it allows easy
integration with FTTC for broadband access to the end users." commented Dr. Pu, the
Group Leader of Taiwan Power Research Institute. "Aboundi has incorporated advanced
Power Line Networking technology which allows the broadband signal to be injected
onto the underground electrical wiring system between low and medium voltage
transformers through a distance of 200 meters (approximately 600 feet), with more
than 120Mbps data speed throughput. At this data rate, it has enough bandwidth to
allow broadband networking for multimedia and entertainment distribution networking
applications of the future. "Dr. Pu explained.

"Aboundi is most honored to have Taiwan Power Research Institute as our strategic
international technical partner here in Taiwan. Taipower has developed extensive
knowledge and experience in Power Line Networking related technologies over the
years. Its active role in promoting the PLC application allows our 'Electrical
Connect T' solution unprecedented opportunities. We will continue to corporate and
enhance our relationship with Taipower and through their knowledge and experiences
we will further improve our products' features and qualities in order to satisfy the
customers' demands." stated Hong Yu, President and CEO of Aboundi Inc.

About Taiwan Power Research Institute
Taiwan Power Research Institute is the forefront research and development
organization within Taipower (Taiwan Power Company, Ltd.) and it cooperates with
Taiwan Telecom and other fixed network industry companies in the development of
Power Line Communication (PLC) technology. "Taiwan Power Company, Ltd." is the sole
electrical power supplier for Taiwan and the company's license was issued by the
Ministry of Economic Affairs in 1951.

About Aboundi Inc.
Aboundi Inc. is a leading company in providing commercially advanced and innovative
IP based Open System Remote Video Surveillance Monitoring and Management Platform
solutions to the Enterprise, Small to Medium sized Businesses and Multi Dwelling
Units encompassing their existing Power Line as the Networking infrastructure.

Web Site: http://www.aboundi.com

Contact Details: Address:4 Bud Way, Unit 10,Nashua, NH 03063 USA

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