Take the Stink Challenge at the Housewares Show in Chicago

Released on: February 22, 2008, 10:22 am

Press Release Author: Erin Hadfield / For Every Body

Industry: Environment

Press Release Summary: For Every Body's new O.A.M. technology is strong enough to
take away skunk odors

Press Release Body: Lindon, Utah - For Every Body, a premium fragrance product
company, will be conducting a "Stink Challenge" at its booth to launch an
eco-friendly version of its AbsorbAll with Odor Absorbing Molecules (O.A.M.)
technology at the International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago in March.

The "Stink Challenge" involves smelling bad odors such as ammonia, fish, or athletic
shoes, spraying the odor with a concentration of AbsorbAll, and then smelling it
again. All odors are completely eliminated when sprayed with AbsorbAll.

AbsorbAll was originally introduced at the Home and Housewares Show in 2007. A new
environmentally friendly, biodegradable formulation of the cleaning product will be
introduced at the show this year.

"The "Stink Challenge" is a great way to show how well the technology works," said
Brian Jackman, marketing manager at For Every Body. "People are amazed that
something this powerful can be 100 percent safe for the environment."

The non-toxic formula does not leave any trace of residue, so it is completely safe
to use on clothing, shoes, upholstery, pet beds, kitchens and bathrooms. AbsorbALL
is available in a 16 oz. spray in four fragrances; aloe, citrus, cinnamon and pine.

"AbsorbALL is very effective," said Chris Carlson, a chemist in For Every Body's
research and development department. "It will absorb even the foulest of odors from
skunks to sweaty teenage boys."

Bad odors are the result of molecules such as mercaptans, sulfides, amines,
nitrogenous compounds. Specific aldehydes such as body odor, cooking mildew and pets
can also create unpleasant odors. O.A.M. Technology absorbs odors by encapsulating
the malodor molecules on contact.

About For Every Body
For Every Body is one of the largest privately held candle manufacturers in the
Unites Sates. It owns and operates a 10,000 sq. foot manufacturing facility in the
United States and has an
extensive Asian supply chain. The company has been named to the MountainWest Capital
Network's 100 Fastest Growing Companies list for the past five years. For Every
Body's products include candles, air fresheners, home dcor, scrapbook supplies and
bath and body products. Merchandise is produced for 88 retail chains and more than
6,400 independent chains including Kohl's, Home Depot, Hallmark, Lowe's, and


Web Site: http://www.foreverybody.com

Contact Details: Contact: Erin Hadfield
Office: P.O. Box 50535
Provo, UT 84605
801-922-9077 fax

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