Tax Franchise`s Unprecedented Growth Helps Millions Prepare Correctly

Released on: February 19, 2008, 4:43 pm

Press Release Author: Roni Lynn Deutch, A Professional Tax Corporation

Industry: Law

Press Release Summary:
Roni Deutch\'s Creative Thinking Leads to Awarding of 170-Plus Locations in First Six

Press Release Body: Sacramento, CA -- While many start-up franchises are launched
every year, few fare as well as the Roni Deutch Tax CenterT, launched by the famed
\"Tax Lady\" Roni Deutch in the spring of 2006. Off and running, the franchise has
already opened 17 tax preparation centers across the nation and has awarded the
rights to an additional 170 in just its first six months.

\"The first characteristic I promised to instill in my concept was that it would be
like no other out there. I wanted to present our franchisees with rich, new,
creative ideas and support structures that would help differentiate the power of our
system,\" Deutch said. \"My team researched everything that was wrong within other
franchise systems when figuring out how to create our right one. That, along with
the already established brand recognition strength, a powerful support staff, and a
selective group of franchise partners have helped create a great launch to our

Deutch has continuously created \"outside-the-box\" ideas to help establish the Roni
Deutch Tax CenterT as not only unique, but innovative. One of Deutch\'s initiatives
was to provide her first franchisees a competitive edge with the unique Founder\'s
Club lead generation program. The Founder\'s Club is an elite group comprised of the
first 50 Roni Deutch Tax CenterT franchisees, where members are given an opportunity
to take advantage of a unique lead generation program designed to establish client
leads and increase their bottom line.

\"One of our franchisees in Las Vegas reported that the 25 leads she received from
our Founders Club lead generation program resulted in two immediate clients and 23
promises to hire Roni Deutch Tax CenterT for their tax preparation needs,\" said Glen
Wielandt, Vice-President of Operations for the Roni Deutch Tax CenterT. \"With each
client needing, on average, three years of tax returns filed, at an average national
cost per return of $165, franchisees are generating thousands of dollars in
additional revenue with the supplied leads. Our lead generation program is going so
well that we may prepare more tax returns from our lead generation program then we
prepare during tax season.\"

The program demonstrates the ongoing \"outside-the-box\" strategy that Deutch brings
to both the tax and franchise industries. In addition to the founders club, Deutch
also encouraged the launch of a new blog site - taking the franchise industry to a
new \"wired\" level.

Coining it the First Amendment of Franchising - Deutch helped newly signed
franchisee Heather Spell, owner of a Roni Deutch Tax Center T in Sacramento, find
her voice in a technology savvy world by launching - an
interactive online blog site focused on providing potential franchisees a glimpse of
the ups and downs of franchising.

\"When building the system for our newly launched franchise, we wanted to build a
system that tackled all of the complaints in the industry,\" Deutch said. \"One of the
complaints was that franchisees don\'t have an active voice. When Heather and Gentry
Spell approached me about starting a blog site, I truly was ecstatic as it continued
our mission to create the perfect system.\"

The blog site features video, text and photo segments highlighting every step from
finding a franchise; going through discovery day; signing on to be a franchisee;
going through training; finding real estate; and finally opening a location. The
site, Deutch said, is geared toward showing those interested in franchising a real
glimpse behind the scenes.

Deutch\'s early success in franchising the Roni Deutch Tax Center T won\'t stop
anytime soon, as she plans to stamp her name on more than 200 tax preparation
franchises across the country in the next two years.

Franchisees undergo a 10-day training course at the Roni Deutch Tax CenterT
headquarters in Sacramento, where they are taught the franchise system and trained
on how to complete and file tax returns. During the other nine months of the year,
the franchise is required to only be open one day a week.

\"Our growth potential is unlimited as every American is required to file taxes,\"
Deutch said. \"Our steady growth plan will quickly elevate us as the leaders in tax
preparation as we help millions of Americans file their taxes correctly.\"

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Roni Deutch Tax Center
877-232-8477 Ext. 1914

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