Tax Lady Roni Deutch Blogs On Tax Issues This Valentines Day

Released on: February 12, 2008, 11:51 am

Press Release Author: Roni Lynn Deutch, A Professional Tax Corporation


Press Release Summary: Tax Lady Roni Deutch is hoping to help taxpayers reduce their
tax liabilities by blogging on five tax-free Valentine Day gifts. Ms. Deutch is also
helping taxpayers stay informed on the tax difference between being single and
married as thousands across the country are likely get engaged in the next few days.

Press Release Body: North Highlands, CA (PRWEB) February 14, 2007 - With Valentines
Day just around the corner Tax Lady Roni Deutch has posted blog entries on 5 tax
free Valentines Day gifts and the difference between being single and married in the
eyes of the IRS.

Although most people in the United States are probably worried about Valentines Day,
Tax Lady Roni Deutch, as well as any one else in the tax industry, is already
thinking about taxes. April 15th may still be two months away, but taxpayers across
the country are already filing their tax returns. Some are likely to get huge
refunds, but millions are probably looking for ways to reduce this years tax
liability after finding out they owe the IRS hundreds from last year. To help these
taxpayers Roni Deutch has posted a blog outlying the top 5 tax saving gifts to give
this Valentines Day.

"Valentines Day is known across the country as a day to give gifts to your loved
ones," claims Ms. Deutch. "However, this date just so happens to fall in the middle
of tax season when thousands across the country find themselves in debt to the
federal government. So if you had to write a big check to the IRS then you may want
to try one of the following tax saving Valentines Day gifts."

1. Give Money to a Spouse
2. Setup a Retirement Account
3. Make a Charitable Contribution
4. Pay College or Medical Bills
5. Give a Business Branded Gift

Keeping with the Valentines theme Ms. Deutch has also added an entry on the
differences between being single and married in the eyes of the Internal Revenue

"Studies show that Valentines Day and New Years Day are the two most popular days in
America for couples to get engaged. However, few people even consider taxes when
they make this decision forgetting that getting married will have a large impact on
their next tax return. To celebrate the upcoming holiday we have put together this
article explaining the difference between single and married filing status."

"Upon getting married, there are a number of things you will need to consider for
tax purposes. First of all, one person is probably going to need to change their
address and/or name with the IRS and Social Security Administration. You will need
to file form SS-5 with the Social Security Administration and IRS Form 8822 with the
federal government."

"Once you are legally married, you can no longer file as single. You must file
either Married Filing Jointly, Married Filing Separately, or Head of Household.
Please keep in mind that there are tax consequences that arise from being married.
If only one spouse earns a salary then you actually get a marriage bonus. However,
if both people are wage earners, then you face the marriage penalty. This is because
when you file jointly your income is taxed at your highest marginal rate."

"In 2003, Congress attempted to fix the marriage penalty with an increase in the
standard deduction for married couples filing jointly. The amount was increase to
$9,700 for the 2004 tax year, then to $10,000 for the 2005 tax year."

Millions of people recognize tax attorney Roni Deutch as television\'s "Tax Lady."
She has been helping taxpayers nationwide resolve their tax liabilities for nearly
seventeen years. As an industry leader, she has saved her clients tens of millions
of dollars and has helped thousands of families settle their back taxes.

Roni Deutch is the founder and owner of Roni Lynn Deutch, A Professional Tax
Corporation, a tax resolution law firm, and Roni Deutch Tax Center. Her law firm has
been helping clients find solutions to their back tax liabilities for seventeen
years. To learn more about tax attorney Roni Deutch you can visit her Avvo profile,
YouTube Channel, or Digg Profile.

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