The Anniversary of Web Business Ownership

Released on: February 26, 2008, 9:04 am

Press Release Author: Web Business Ownership, LLC

Industry: Internet & Online

Press Release Summary: Web Business advocate, Chris Curtis, celebrates the
Anniversary of the Web Business Ownership initiative with a feature story in the
March issue of Black Enterprise Magazine.

Press Release Body: This time last year, there were approximately 73 million domains
in use on the web. Now, with almost 100 million domains registered and active*, its
evident that people are taking Web Business Ownership seriously - both the company
and the concept.

In March of 2007, Chris Curtis of Web Business Ownership, LLC, launched her web
portal to enlighten business owners and entrepreneurs about the opportunities that
the Internet affords to create and supplement incomes. The Web Business Ownership
Series, with its dynamic Millionaire Coaches, Business Experts and celebrities, has
become one of the Internet\'s most valuable business resources, empowering users to
actively participate in the development of their online pursuits.

Curtis has appeared as a guest on several television and radio shows and is
currently featured in the March issue of Black Enterprise Magazine, showcasing her
efforts. \"Being in the March issue is especially exciting because we\'re celebrating
the anniversary of the Web Business Ownership Series. The Black Enterprise Magazine
feature has been the icing on our anniversary cake!\"

WBO\'s methodologies to help business owners build, manage, and grow an online
business reach well past the computer. In fact, a 3-day teleseminar scheduled for
April, moderated by Business Credit Specialist and Motivational Speaker, April
Mason, will teach small business owners how to get business credit without using
their personal credit. \"WBO represents a well-rounded approach to doing business
online. The web business part is just one facet. We address the business ownership
part as well.\", says Curtis, \"Our goal is to encourage people to build profitable
businesses online, and not just pretty web pages.\"

In just a few weeks, the site will hold a session offering an in-depth look at the
\"backstage\" marketing tactics some web site owners are using to increase sales and
revenue. For a small investment of $69, users stand to recoup the cost
exponentially, provided they take advantage of the information and put the concepts
to work.

For those who prefer auditory stimulation, Web Business Ownership\'s Sunday radio
program, The WebWise Business Show, airs at 6pm EST. The unparalleled
business/technology discussions have attracted celebrities, Olympians, authors,
speakers, and business intellects nationwide. Guests of the WebWise Business show
have included Randal Pinkett, Season 4 winner of the Apprentice, TV Personality,
Matthew Lesko, Olympian, Bonnie St. John, and Actress/Author, Bern Nadette Stanis of
the TV show, Good Times. The show lineup for 2008 has NY Times Best Selling Author,
Zane booked for March 16th, with goals of attracting more business owners, CEO\'s,
and celebrities to share their internet business experiences throughout in the year.

In the meantime, Web Business Ownership shows no signs of slowing down. People are
embracing the knowledge of the savvy professionals who share their trials and
triumphs at the WBO web site, and learning how to compete in an arena where the
possibilities are limitless. No small feat for Curtis who says, \"2008 is going to be
a phenomenal year for Small Business Owners. By networking, collaborating, and
learning from each other, we\'ll reach levels of success beyond our wildest dreams.\"

Visit the Web Business Ownership site at, and listen to
WebWise Business, Sundays at 6pm EST.

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Contact Details: Valerie Purcell
Media & Marketing Dir.
Web Business Ownership, LLC
560 Peoples Plaza, #289
Newark, DE 19702

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