US Homeowners Assistance to rescue of foreclosures and bad loans

Released on: February 21, 2008, 12:37 am

Press Release Author: Sara Chapman

Industry: Non Profit

Press Release Summary: US Homeowners Assistance growth planned in multiple states
because of their success.

Press Release Body: US Homeowners Assistance headquarters is based in California. US
Homeowners Assistance is working on expanding their service in the following states:
Florida, Texas, Nevada, and Arizona. US Homeowners Assistance currently has about
110 agents through-out Southern California. The US mortgage melt down has created a
great demand for further USHA agents. They are looking for additional 20 agents to
combat this crises. The demand for their service is growing by leaps in the past few
months. They are currently planning on fast expansion in to states that have high
foreclosures. US Homeowners Assistance vision is to save homeowners from losing
their home due to bad loans. Their expertise comes mostly through understanding
lenders/banks guidelines as to how to qualify their clients for loan modification.
The homeowners who get the most help are the ones who are upside down on their home
equity, in an ARM program, late mortgage payments or simply can\'t refinance. They
have been successful in saving many people from foreclosure who had no way out. They
are able to use predatory laws against the banks to help their clients. US
Homeowners Assistance is in the business of helping the borrowers as well as the
banks. It has to be a win, win situation for both sides in order for loan
modification to work. If your going to take advantage of the bank by means of
reducing your balance they will most likely decline you as a client. Their focus is
to help out people that are in hardship. If you have lost your job recently, got
sick, loss of income they can help you with those late mortgages through a means of

Web Site: http://

Contact Details: US Homeowners Assistance
2575 McCabe Way #240
Irvine Ca. 92614
(949) 502-6200

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