USB Golf Bag Flash Drive Direct design early nominee for Wallpaper Design Awards

Released on: February 21, 2008, 10:47 pm

Press Release Author: John Graham

Industry: Advertising

Press Release Summary: Unless you've been holed up in bed for the last ten days, you
won't fail to have noticed the countdown to the annual Wallpaper* Design Awards has

Press Release Body: On Wednesday the 20th of February the event itself took place to
great effect - winners were revealed, runners-up clapped graciously and a very good
time was had by all.

In true Wallpaper* style they went one step further than simply opening an envelope
to reveal the winners. Instead, the Wallpaper judges teamed-up with digital
animators, Mainframe, to produce animations for each winner of the Judges' Awards.
To heighten the suspension a little more, refresh your memories and take a look at
the shortlists for each award by clicking on each category on the right of
Wallpapers main page of their website.

Wallpaper* Design Awards aren't simply about the Judges' Awards. The awards are
about interesting innovative design.

Nominated in the life enhancing category was a number of whimsical and earth
changing designs. The winner this year is certainly a life changing one.

Yves Bhar who has been working with Nicholas Negroponte, director of the MIT Media
Lab, developing a laptop that will be sold exclusively to governments in the
developing world for $100 and then given to school children.

One of the early nominees on the whimsical side of the category of life-enhancing
designs was the golf bag design usb flash drive put forth by flash drive designer
Flash Drive Direct.

However, in the shade of such a great design as Yves Bhars $100 laptop it is easy
to understand why the idea of such a truly life enhancing concept as a $100 laptop
would overshadow any other concept either whimsical or life enhancing (such as a
golf bag shaped flash drive).

Web Site:

Contact Details: For further information
12500 Horseshoe way
Vancouver Canada

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