Wanna go fishing Now for this purpose you need not get up early in the morning and ride to the pond

Released on: February 11, 2008, 2:37 am

Press Release Author: Switlle

Industry: Entertainment

Press Release Summary: Fishing simulator with relaxation music and online game!

Press Release Body: Wanna go fishing? Now for this purpose you need not get up early
in the morning and ride to the pond. You do not even need to understand well the
subtlety of operating fishing tackle. Playing Fishing Simulator for Relax you will
be able to fish round-the-clock, regardless of the seasons! Fishing Simulator for
Relax is a fishing simulator, which allows you to take a rest and escape from
everyday fuss. Beautiful landscape, relaxing music, indefatigable birds pan-pipe
will compliment you a great deal of positive impressions and raise your spirits.
This game offers considerable advantages as compared to its competitive projects.
Try them and you will like it for sure. Fishing Simulator for Relax is not just a
boring sitting with a fishing-rod. The game brings in a new playing realism and
exclusive combination of controllability and performance. Enjoy fishing at home
regardless of your skill level.
The best places for fishing are waiting for you: the game is supported with 50
different places, suitable for EXCELLENT BITING! You can fish in different parts of
the world and different ponds. And you can fish even on Mars in the update version
of the game! Every locality is unique, but be sure - you will get a great deal of
wonderful impressions regardless of whether you choose fishing in the delta of the
river or angling on another planet. In addition, 40 types of fishes float in the
numerous rivers and lakes! Could anyone in the world withstand such temptation?
Stunning graphics which perfectly complements the atmosphere of the game is offered
to your. Photorealistic graphics, birds singing, beautiful dynamic water and
everything, what's needed for pleasure while fishing, is collected in this game.
Fishing Simulator for Relax will absorb you for a long time, and you won't be able
to turn away even for a moment.
You can download this game from www.fishing-simulator.com
Rest from working fuss, enjoy beautiful nature, birds singing, and also high-quality
relaxing music which is not only pleasant but useful!
We wish you exiting fishing!

Web Site: http://www.fishing-simulator.com/

Contact Details: Address: sq.Komarova 19/59, Luhansk

Phone Number: +380983858199
Email: support@switlle.com

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