What do President George H W Bush, Colin Powell, General `Stormin Norman` Schwarzkopf, Futurists Heidi and Alvin Toffler, and the CEO of Texas Instruments have in common

Released on: February 13, 2008, 8:59 pm

Press Release Author: James R. b

Industry: Small Business

Press Release Summary: It may surprise you to learn that you witnessed the birth of
a powerful business process Prometheus - on global television. It was the evening
of January 16,1991 when the launch of the first hyper-war was broadcast live on CNN.
Developed at warp-speed and designed for overwhelming victory, the Desert Storm air
campaign lit up the skies of Baghdad and changed strategic thinking forever.

Press Release Body: Now, this breakthrough concept has been applied to another kind
of intense competition: the fast changing world of 21st century business.
The Prometheus Strategic Planning System is an eloquent, comprehensive approach to
strategy creation and execution that provides business owners, leaders and managers
with a powerful new tool to prevail in the toughest competitive environments.
The Prometheus System allows you to create and execute a uniquely encompassing
strategy - one that carries you from concept to end game. It helps you choose the
right things-your internal and external centers of gravity-against which to put your
energy and resources.
It shows you why the normal serial approach to business and product launches has
such a low probability of success; it provides you with concepts and tools to move
to parallel operations, with their high probabilities of success and accompanying
low risk.
Finally, it shows you how to recognize and deal with the points of diminishing
return in your products and business concepts.
The Prometheus System has been used by Bama Foods (a major supplier to McDonald\'s)
to win the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige National Quality award.
Richard K. Templeton, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Texas
Instruments Inc. says ... \"The (Prometheus System) takes the inherently complex and
distills it to an actionable essence.It helps you gain insights on leadership and
strategy and makes clear the fundamentals for winning in business. The Prometheus
System help you understand the challenge of creating and executing winning
competitive strategies in a time-sensitive environment.\"
The Prometheus System is a high energy, high probability of success methodology that
has application throughout any business. If your company needs a strategic planning
process, the Prometheus Process will help you achieve a higher return on investments
of money, people and time through smart strategic thinking and execution.
By using this unique system, you will learn how to:
Scope your Environment: How to think about your market and your business environments.
Design your Future: How to build and measure high resolution pictures of your future.
Target for Success: How to understand your business and markets, and the leverage
points that will provide the most return on capital and personal energy investments.

Campaign to Win: How to execute your strategic plans to produce the highest possible
probability of success at the least possible cost.
Finish with Finesse: How to craft exit points and exit plans to preserve gains and
minimize penalties for ventures that do not proceed as conceived.
The Prometheus Strategic Planning System is scheduled to become available on
Thursday, February 21, 2008. To get on the launch notification list, and receive a
free 30 page manuscript on strategy, please go to www.prometheusstrategy.coms
AdVantage Consulting is a full service consulting firm that works with executives,
managers, teams, and key individual contributors who strive to create and sustain an
organization that can achieve the results they desire. AdVantage Consulting has been
in business for 15 years and is located in Oceanside, CA.Previous clients include:
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
Pace Suburban Bus
JPB Law firm
Metro Technology School
Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
JR Associates
Paramount Studios

Web Site: http://www.prometheusstrategy.com

Contact Details: James R. b
AdVantage Consulting
1131 Masterpiece Drive
Oceanside, CA 92057
760.726.9703 (office)
Email: jim@advantageconsult.com
Web site: http://www.prometheusstrategy.com
Blog: http://www.prometheusstrategy.com/blog

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