Wild Heart Ranch `Kids Club` Connecting Online and Offline Play with Endangered Animal and Environmental Brands

Released on: February 23, 2008, 10:49 am

Press Release Author: WHR

Industry: Consumer Services

Press Release Summary: Wildheartranch.com Creates Connectivity to Brands with
Characters, Video Games, Animation and Education

Press Release Body: POINT ROBERTS, WA, Delta B.C. February 22, 2008 - Wild Heart
Ranch, Inc. (www.WildHeartRanch.com), a publishing, entertainment, and toy company
has updated the company website to incorporate better navigation for the Kids Club
content and activities created around the well- known brand of nature-
environmentally themed brands and characters.

The Company\'s website, www.wildheartranch.com is rich in content for kids with a
Kids Club that features online video games, animation of characters, educational
info on wild animals and horses and much more, all based on Wild Heart Ranch
original content.

Wild Heart brands are different because they connect children to nature, teach them
about endangered animals, comfort them at night with our stars and moons that light
up and they were created from the heart, not a marketing team!

The \'Lucky Stars Collection\', \'No More Night Mares\', \'Armadillo Cowboy Club\', \'I Sea
Horses\', \'Desert of Lop\', & \'Favorite Pet Stories\' brands, characters, logos,
stories, web sites, video games, patents and trademarks, are all properties of Wild
Heart Ranch, Inc.
The environmentally themed books and toys encourage parents to read to children and
educate them about endangered animals and causes in a magical and mythical format
created to entertain. The books also include information and links to non-profits at
the back of each book to build awareness and education about the related endangered
Wild Heart Ranch Kids Club Activities:

* Play online video games - click here
* Learn about endangered -animals- click here
* Learn about wild Horses - click here
* Read about horse care - click here
* Meet the No More Night Mares - click here
* Watch the No More Night Mares animated video - click here
* Meet Comet the Paint /Pinto - click here
* Meet Moonbeam the Palomino - click here
* Meet Lucky Stars the Appaloosa - click here
* Listen to the No More Night Mares Legend Audio - click here
* Meet the 12 little twinkling lucky star horses - click here
* Meet the Armadillo Cowboys - click here
* Meet Harry the Hedgehog - click here
* Read our other wild horse legend- \"The Sky Stallions\" - click here
* Listen to Bradford and the Journey to the Desert of Lop Audio in Chinese - click here
* Send us your pictures - click here
* Send us your artwork - click here
* Send us your stories - click here
And lots more - just look around and learn and have fun!

Kids Club:

Wild Heart Ranch\'s goal is to offer content that can help guide a new generation to
understand and protect the environment. The site content is built around themes
incorporated into all of Wild Heart's product lines as they aid and recognize
various non-profits in the goal of preserving wild horses, seahorses, wild camels
and other wild animals.

The Wild Heart Ranch "Story of the Month" contest asks readers to contribute their
stories of altruism and goodwill towards the animal kingdom. The purpose of the
contest is to spread the message to participants that \"kids can make a difference\";
submit your story on how you are helping animals, wild or domestic, to have a better

Video and Fun & Games Pages: http://www.wildheartranch.com/kidsclub/kc_games.asp

About Wild Heart Ranch: Follow Us to the Depths of Imagination...
Wild Heart Ranch, Inc. is a publishing, entertainment and toy company that creates
and licenses non-violent toys and products based on original ideas, stories and
characters. The unique combined elements of light, magic and branded stars and moons
on the plush toys identify us in the marketplace. Our stories and characters are
based on personal connections with animals and children that have inspired us. From
saving wild horses, to endorsing seahorse conservation or educating children and
adults about the critically endangered wild Bactrian camel that may hold a possible
cure for cancer, our products are designed from the heart.
The company currently sells its lines and brands online including Amazon and
Chapters and with specialty retailers and has been featured on QVC.

Wild Heart Ranch Books and Toys: http://www.wildheartranch.com/toysBooks/tb_home.htm

Visit our sites for more info: www.WildHeartRanch.com
For more information contact

Toll Free: 1.888.889.9213

Cali Van Zant sales@wildheartranch.com

Web Site: http://www.wildheartranch.com

Contact Details: Toll Free: 1.888.889.9213

Cali Van Zant sales@wildheartranch.com

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