Your Personal Book-Keeper Will Be Always at Hand with Personal Finances Portable!

Released on: February 5, 2008, 1:31 pm

Press Release Author: Alzex

Industry: Accounting

Press Release Summary: Simple and fast tool to control your money flows.

Press Release Body: Alzex today announces the immediate release of Personal Finances
Portable 2.6, a fresh and mobile addition to the Personal Finances software line.

Have you ever experienced such a strange situation? You are having a salary rise.
You start thinking over a new car purchase, or may be it would be better to change
your aging washing machine, or start saving money for your child's education, or.
Everything you wanted for so long will soon come into reality, as now you have so
much spare money! But a "sweet-after-salary-rise" month comes to the end, and you
see that actually no spare money is left! Without realizing any significant change
in your lifestyle, you somehow spent all the money. If you often find yourself in
such a situation, Personal Finances may come to your rescue. It'll record all
expenses and help you see where your money goes, total sum and percentage structure
for categories, overall balance and balance on accounts.

Personal Finances has a user-friendly multilingual interface, scheduler, password
protection and a very useful ability of one-click expense addition. It has an option
of importing/exporting data from/to .txt or .csv files. The application has a
multi-base support and allows you to create an unlimited number of databases.
Detailed information on all transactions is available for any time period. There is
also an unlimited number of sections, categories, subsections, etc. Besides the
basic ones, the application allows users to add more currencies, upon inserting the
exchange rate. Personal Finances allows you to sort by fields and group names by
transaction. The program is supplied with an ability of logging regular transactions

Nowadays, many finance management programs are sold on the software market. But
still most of them have one and the same set of options. Some people would notice
that the development of such programs has hit the glass ceiling, and all important
options have already been included. But what if, you are an active and mobile
businessman or just a globe-trotter? These people cannot allow themselves to keep
record of their expenses in an ordinary notebook, for example, and only on home
return copy the notes into a program installed on their home PCs. Personal Finances
Portable will not strain their boundless energy! The features which make Personal
Finances Portable unique in its category is that you can install and run the
application from a USB flash drive; consequently, your "personal accountant" will be
portable and always at hand!

NOTE TO EDITORS: An evaluation version of Personal Finances Portable 2.6 is
available for review purposes. Contact Alexander Shirokov at for more

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Contact Details: Address: Karamishevskaya nab, 8-37, Moscow
Russian Federation

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