Zoofactory Coatings - Ceramic Coatings and Thermal Management

Released on: February 19, 2008, 1:04 pm

Press Release Author: Cheryl Maslanka

Industry: Industrial

Press Release Summary: Zoofactory Coatings is turning heads with their new
technology on ceramic coatings and thermal management coatings. They have all the
new technology offered, including the latest technology with LizardSkin liquid
insulator products.

Press Release Body: Zoofactory Coatings and Chilly Lizard provide ceramic-coated
products and ceramic coating application services that improve the performance,
looks, and the life of your manufactured components. They work with vehicles as a
whole or as individual parts that need special attention. If your vehicle or parts
require corrosion control and thermal management capability, Zoofactory is the place
to call. Their company has worked hard for years to master the art of ceramic
coatings and thermal management, thus earning the right to be the \"best in the
business\" for thermal barrier coatings.

Zoofactory successfully delivers superior capability and capacity to their clients
in need of thermal management and sound control for a variety of applications. They
are a supplier and service provider of the top brand name thermal management and
coatings LizardSkinT for automotive and industrial applications. The team at
Zoofactory has come up with several combinations of thermal management technologies
to help aid companies and individuals solve their thermal management issues. For
more information on what Zoofactory can do for you or your company, visit

Zoofactory backs up their main line of products: LizardskinT. LizardSkinT is a
liquid ceramic insulation product that completely seals the surface being coated.
With a layer of LizardSkinT no thicker than a credit card you form a skin-like
membrane over areas that were previously unprotected by standard mat insulations.
LizardSkinT is a crack-free, non-releasing seal against moisture and most chemicals.
Zoofactory has perfected the LizardSkinT application process.

Zoofactory is the first and only company to make ceramic metallic coatings in color.
Imagine your vehicle with a colored exhaust pipe or other pipes; it would be like no
other vehicle you have seen. For more information on Zoofactory Coatings, visit

Web Site: http://www.zoofactorycoatings.com

Contact Details: www.zoofactorycoatings.com

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