eBeanstalk`s Customer Advisory Groups pick the Best of the Best

Released on: February 22, 2008, 5:06 am

Press Release Author: Brian J. Gordon

Industry: Education

Press Release Summary: eBeanstalk is a place where gift-givers can buy
expert-selected newborn toys, baby toys, toddler toys and toys for preschoolers.

Press Release Body: For the business and trade press

Norwalk, CT, February 7, 2008

Retailer sets up advisory groups of experts and parents that select the best toys in
the world for young children.

What do you do when confronted with store shelves loaded with thousands of toys? If
you are an informed gift-giver, you head back home and pull up eBeanstalk.com on
your browser. The online retailer has sifted through thousands of toys from all over
the world to arrive at a set of 600 that are developmentally appropriate for kids.
To help them with this effort, the company has set up a Customer Advisory Group
consisting of child development experts and a "Mother Board" of mothers from around
the US. The best of the lot picked by the group goes on to be featured on the
company's user-friendly website.

"There is no more guessing what a good toy is and what is not. All our toys are
selected by our team of experts", said Co-founder Patrick Moore of eBeanStalk. "We
have lead-tested every toy as well, just to be extra-safe", he added.

While the five-member team of child specialists (Clinical psychologist Dr. Andrew
Eig, Physical Therapist Deanie Barth, Speech Pathologist Shari Harpaz, Pediatric
Occupational Therapist Barbara Greenspan, and Special Educator Gopi K. Palel)
selects the toys, creates Graduated Play Ideas for each toy and authors the
eBeanstalk instruction card that accompanies every toy, the toys are put through the
wringer by the "Mother Board": a nation-wide group of over 700 moms of children up
to five years of age - these families play with the toys, rate them and provide
invaluable feedback that determines which toys stay in the select list.

The group has also been instrumental in creating the eBeanstalk Gift Series - a set
of four toys customized to the child's age that are delivered over the course of a
year, exactly when the child is ready for them developmentally. "eBeanstalk cuts
through the toy-clutter and offers new parents and gift-givers a simple solution for
providing children with the safest and most stimulating toys on the market", says
Co-founder Brian Gordon, summing up the company's contribution to this niche.

Web Site: http://www.ebeanstalk.com

Contact Details: Name: Brian J. Gordon

contact title: Manager
email: bgordon@ebeanstalk.com

50 Water Street
Norwalk, CT 06854
Phone: 203-854-9600
fax number: 203 854 5590

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