Additron Technolgies, Inc. targeting environmentally sensitive, and renewable power solutions


Released on: March 28, 2008, 4:29 pm

Press Release Author: Additron Technologies, Inc.

Industry: Energy

Press Release Summary: Additron Technologies is an innovative energy company aiming to revolutionize the ethanol, diesel fuel, jet fuel and waste-to-power industries with new products and services targeting totally clean, environmentally sensitive, economical and renewable power solutions, and to help solve global problems regarding pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Press Release Body: SHANGHAI, R.O.C., March 29, 2008 --

Additron Technologies, Inc. has developed a proven Coal-to-Liquid (CTL) technology that together with Nano Technology, converts low quality lignite coal into ultra clean, environmentally friendly, high-value and low-sulfur synthetic diesel fuel.

Our proprietary technology is zero-emission based, wherein all harmful particles and by-products are recycled and rendered harmless.

The same coal gasification process can also be applied to produce high-grade ethanol, giving a threefold yield compared to cellulose feedstock.

Additron Technologies, Inc. is exploring ways to combine Ethanol and Diesel fuels.

Since ethanol has been recognized as an important component to help reduce nitrous oxide (Nox) and particulates matters (PM) emissions.

Currently, ethanol is being blended with conventional gasoline as an oxygenate (replacing the polluting MBTE) and is used worldwide in every pump station.

However, conventional ethanol and diesel fuel blends are typically not stable, particularly under extreme temperatures and pressures and therefore not available in the market.

Additron Technologies, Inc. is working on a new breakthrough technology, which allows the blending of diesel with ethanol.

Additron Technologies represents the new future for cleaner and low costs liquid fuels production like ethanol, diesel, gasoline, jet fuel and other useful chemical products.

The company has a leading edge in the research and development of coal to liquid fuels to potentially provide a cleaner and low costs alternative source of liquid fuels and power generation well into the foreseeable future.

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