Arizona Woman with Chronic Pain Disorder to Hike 800 Miles to Raise Awareness

Released on: March 5, 2008, 7:55 am

Press Release Author: Sandy Bennett

Industry: Non Profit

Press Release Summary: Sirena Dufault, who has suffered from fibromyalgia for 10
years, will begin hiking the 800-mile Arizona Trail to raise awareness for

Press Release Body: Arizona Woman with Chronic Pain Disorder to
Hike 800 Miles to Raise Awareness

(TUCSON, ARIZ.)-Sirena Dufault, who 10 years ago spent most of her days in bed
because of pain and fatigue, has chosen an extreme way to get her message out. This
month, the Tucson, Arizona resident, who suffers from a chronic pain disorder called
fibromyalgia, will begin an 800-mile hike along the Arizona Trail.

"One of my goals with this hike is to educate people about fibromyalgia, and give
people an idea of what it is like to deal with a chronic pain condition," says
Dufault. "Even though I am well enough to do a hike of this length, fibromyalgia
affects everyone who has it in a different way."

Dufault was hit by a car while walking across a street in January 1997 during her
final semester at University of Arizona. Though no bones were broken, she suffered
from intense muscle pain, jaw problems and fatigue following the accident. Rather
than improving over time, her symptoms worsened. At age 24, she was diagnosed with
post-traumatic fibromyalgia, a complex chronic pain disorder that affects an
estimated 10 million Americans.

Dufault began walking about a year after her accident as a way to get some gentle
exercise. Later, she started hiking easy trails and eventually, in 2002, she took
her first backpacking trip. On March 13 at 1 p.m., Dufault will kickoff her 800-mile
Arizona Trail to raise awareness for fibromyalgia at Colossal Cave Mountain Park,
and finish at the border of Arizona and Utah approximately 10 weeks later. To track
her progress, visit her website listed below for trail journal/blog entries,
pictures and videos.

Proceeds raised from the awareness walk will be donated to the National Fibromyalgia
Association, a national nonprofit organization located in Orange County, Calif. that
is dedicated to decreasing the burden of the disorder through education, research
and patient advocacy. For more information on Dufault's awareness campaign, visit

Web Site:

Contact Details: Sirena Dufault
Sirena can be contacted by phone or e-mail during her hike

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