Do Your Homework When Traveling

Released on: March 17, 2008, 12:00 am

Press Release Author: DEV DAAS/Technoflickers

Industry: Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary: When planning a trip, it is advisable to spend some time
doing research even if you are booking through a Travel Agent.

Press Release Body: When planning a trip, it is advisable to spend some time doing
research even if you are booking through a Travel Agent. This research could save
you a significant amount of money and perhaps prevent a miserable stay in a
sub-standard hotel.
Many people have moved away from using Travel Agents. This is understandable due to
the availability of cheap fares and hotel rooms through the internet. However, it is
wise to consider the benefits of utilizing a professional particularly when
proposing to visit somewhere that you haven't previously been. Some of the
advantages of using a Travel Agent are gaining the benefit of their expertise,
experience, personal service, ability and indeed the obligation to clarify and
inform you of details in the fine print which you may miss if booking on your own
account, their up to date knowledge of the latest deals and their ability to distill
and interpret information to hopefully offer you the best value deal for your trip.
With that said, it is still prudent to conduct your own research. The Travel Agent
can provide suggestions about a range of airlines you could use and different fares
and advise on hotels in good areas within budget guidelines. At this point you have
some great information to work off. You have not had to start from scratch. You have
an idea as to which are the better priced airlines and the areas you should look at
staying taking into account what you're looking to do in a particular place. Now you
can see if there are internet deals that may beat the air fares the Travel Agent has
quoted you. In many cases these days, the Travel Agency will do what they can to
equal or beat whatever publicized deal is out there. It is a very competitive
industry. In the cases of hotels, many of the chains as well as some independents
are claiming to have the best internet deals on their own sites. This is of benefit
to both the consumer as well as the hotel. They don't have to pay commission to a
third party and you are dealing directly with the establishment that you are
proposing to stay with who can answer any queries that you may have regarding
elements of your accommodation as well as possibly saving money. You will also find
that when booking direct off the hotel website that you may be offered upgrades or
specials not available anywhere else.
Don't underestimate the value of a good Travel Agent but be prepared to put in some
time to conduct your own research. The worst you could do is add to the excitement
of planning for a trip and maybe you'll even save yourself some money!

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