E-health applications as new business opportunities in high competitive markets

Released on: March 5, 2008, 1:22 am

Press Release Author: Aileen Brucal

Industry: Telecommunications

Press Release Summary: According to InfoCom's latest research, telecom carriers all
over Europe have launched solutions for the healthcare sector.

Press Release Body: In European highly competitive market environments, telecom
carriers look for new business opportunities and innovative applications. One of
those is e-health. According to InfoCom's latest research, telecom carriers all over
Europe have launched solutions for the healthcare sector.

France and Spain seem to be the most dynamic European markets for e-health solutions
targeting end-customers whereas as of new such services launched in other countries,
for instance in Germany, in the UK, in Italy or in Portugal, most of such
applications target professional users, for instance hospitals and health insurances
rather than end-customers.

In Germany, Vodafone has been probably the first to launch a health application for
end-customers, offering "Vodafone Care", a service hotline staffed with a qualified
team of doctors and assistants operated through Vitaphone, a German e-health service
provider. Deutsche Telekom has launched very recently a new project through its
subsidiary T-Systems and is currently testing some solutions, such as telemonitoring
of patients with chronic heart disease. Other carriers operating in Germany, like
Arcor, Alice, BT Germany, E-Plus, O2 or Verizon Germany have virtually no
applications operated directly, although a couple of providers offer e-health
services using the infrastructure of these carriers.

While e-health solutions targeting end-customers are still few, more choices are
available for healthcare services targeting professionals. The German carrier
Deutsche Telekom is quite active in this segment, through T-Systems, which offers,
for instance, a VPN service specifically equipped with services targeting the
healthcare sector; as well as an information-sharing system specifically designed
for hospitals (HIS, Hospital Information System). T-Systems will also deploy a
backbone for the introduction of nationwide electronic health cards. Vodafone
Germany is not offering healthcare solutions targeting professionals itself, but is
supporting several partners developing own solutions, by providing them with
GPRS/UMTS laptop data cards free of charge during field tests. As of now, Vodafone
has no plans to launch further offers for the healthcare sector.

About this research: InfoCom's research activities go far beyond what is
traditionally intended by telecom consultancy, covering also new telecom services
and applications. Based on a best practice analysis on 15 European countries, for
over 30 vendors & service providers, this research illustrates how operators search
for opportunities through new applications.

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