Feline Direct Opens its Online Doors

Released on: March 25, 2008, 6:23 am

Press Release Author: Kristina Allen

Industry: Non Profit

Press Release Summary: Feline Direct is a new website that exists to inform the
public on all forms of cat care.

Press Release Body: Davie, Florida March 21, 2008 Feline Direct is a new website
that exists to inform the public on all forms of cat care. The website address is
http://www.felinedirect.com .

Feline Direct was started by Kristina Allen to serve the public with answers to all
of their cat care questions. The website contains sections such as Care
Guides,General Information, and Health Information. Some items you can expect to see
under General and Health Information are Vaccination Guides, a guide on what to feed
your cat, and how to choose the best veterinarian. Ms. Allen started this website
because she feels that there are a lot of cat owners who have good intentions but
not enough knowledge on how to properly care for their pets.

Ms. Allen says that this website serves a personal purpose as well, I lost my first
cat due to chronic renal failure last August. He was misdiagnosed by a vet who I now
view as incompetent; by the time I took my cat for a second opinion it was too late.
I hope this website can guide others into finding a proper veterinarian and also
enable them to recognize common symptoms of the most prominent feline illnesses on
their own.

The Feline Direct website, found at http://www.felinedirect.com, exists as a 24 hour
resource for cat information.

About Kristina Allen:

Kristina Allen started feline direct in the hopes of educating cat lovers all over
the world on proper care. She is currently a volunteer at Cats Exclusive adoption
center and low cost clinic, and about to graduate with a degree in Mass
Communications from FIU. She also works as the Usability Experience Technical Writer
on the User Experience team at Citrix Systems, Inc.


Kristina Allen, Founder of Feline Direct
Feline Direct

Web Site: http://www.felinedirect.com

Contact Details: 9325 Lagoon Pl
Davie FL 33324
PH: 786-376-6434
FAX: 352-341-4606
Email: kristina@felinedirect.com

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