New Pet Rescue Association Offers Members Teleseminars from Experts in the Humane Community

Released on: March 13, 2008, 7:43 am

Press Release Author: Susan Daffron

Industry: Non Profit

Press Release Summary: There are teleseminars available for those who work for or
are a part of humane or animal rescue organizations

Press Release Body: SANDPOINT, Idaho - The new National Association of Pet Rescue
Professionals (NAPRP) has lined up teleseminars with a number of experts in the
humane community. NAPRP Founder and President Susan Daffron will talk with the
expert, and then open up the call to questions from members. The live telephone
conferences will be recorded and available for download from the membership area of
the NAPRP Web site at The following seminars have been
scheduled in March and April:

March 17, 2008: Barbara Bouchet, MEd will discuss what to do when \"Volunteers Run
Amok.\" Although volunteers can be the lifeblood of an organization, \"problem
volunteers\" can cause misery and mayhem. A licensed counselor, with degrees in
Psychology, Sociology, and Educational Psychology, Barbara will explain how to
recognize problems and deal with them before they get out of control.

March 28, 2008: Dr. Emily Weiss, Ph.D. CAAB, ASPCA Director of Shelter Behavior
Programs will discuss the Meet Your Match program. The Feline-ality and Canine-ality
programs are designed to increase adoptions and reduce returns with assessment tools
that help match up the right cat or dog with the right owner.

April 8, 2008: Lorna McLeod, the author of the \"Grant Readiness Workbook\" and an
upcoming book called the \"Grant Readiness Guide: A Guide for Nonprofits to Heighten
the Success of Your Organization\" will be on hand to talk about what organizations
must do before applying for grants.

April 16, 2008: Kim Intino, CAWA, Director of Animal Sheltering Issues at the Humane
Society of the United States will talk about some of the many programs HSUS has
available to help rescues and shelters.

April 22, 2008: Faith Maloney, one of the founders of Best Friends Animal Society
will offer tips for \"Surviving and Thriving\" to avoid burnout and compassion
fatigue, based on her 20+ years working with animals.

The National Association of Pet Rescue Professionals (NAPRP) provides tools, forms,
graphics, and information to help those people working with dog or cat rescue,
humane societies, or animal shelters raise more money, provide adopter education,
and save more pets lives. For more information about the NAPRP, visit the web site
at For information on other products, visit:

Web Site:

Contact Details: Susan Daffron, President
of Logical Expressions, Inc.
President and Founder, NAPRP

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